Mitcham Farms and its field of Wildflowers

Took myself to visit Mitcham Farms today in Oxford GA to get outside on  this gorgeous Autumn afternoon where in my hometown it was near 80 degrees around noon. Not sure if the temperature climbed any higher than the 77 I saw or not. But I do know it was good getting outside and trying to calm my nerves over a mammogram that is scheduled for Monday. What more can you ask for than blue skies, horses, pigs, goats, sheep, pumpkins galore and a field of wildflowers that are to die for? If for nothing else visit Mitcham Farm for their field of wildflowers it will captivate you and take your breath away. I could stay for hours. Finally stumbled upon a little Fall foliage in Oxford today on my way to Mitcham Farm. Saw quite a few trees reaching out for Autumn.

So continuing from this evening it is nearly 4:00 a.m. and I am up worried about a scheduled mammogram for today. I have prayed about it and now I just have to let it go and give it over to the Lord trusting in his faithfulness. I have had many family members to pass from Cancer including my maternal grandmother when I was 10 years old. She was only 49 years old.

So getting out today and visiting Mitcham Farms was good for the soul. I could just stand in the wildflower field all day long watching the butterflies and the bees perch upon the flowers. I took my son Tyler to Mitcham Farm a couple of weeks ago and did not expect that the wildflower field would still be there but it was upon my return. I am guessing the wildflowers knew I would return so they stayed inn bloom just for me. Just so I could visit once more and walk among the wildflowers. Mitcham Farms also has $5.00 pumpkins for sale and Mums. What a beautiful place to get away to and be among the horses, goats, sheep, pigs pumpkins and blue skies. It simply was just a gorgeous afternoon to be outside today here in GA.  I saw though on one of the major news channels that we were in store for below average temperatures this winter and an unseasonably cold hard winter.

Let me show you my day and its beauty.

2014-10-26 12.27.58 2014-10-26 12.31.39 2014-10-26 12.35.27 2014-10-26 12.37.15 2014-10-26 12.37.56


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