Halloween in Mystic Falls Covington Georgia USA

It truly is a dream world to be a resident of Covington GA. I had the great opportunity of growing up in Covington and attending school here from private Kindergarten at the Little Red School House, Ficquett, Sharp and onto Newton High to graduate in 1991. I then was able to attend college at the Dekalb Technical College Covington Campus and graduate with dual awards in Legal/Business office and the Paralegal program in 2002. All of my education is held in Newton County. I love visiting the historic Square. It is like home to me. Being Esquire John L. Strauss very first intern at The Newton County Public Defender’s office meant the world to me as I was able to visit the courthouse often. After being adopted at the courthouse at a young age by Mr. Mayron Fuller of the Fuller Farms and Hy Tec Machining on Washington Street in Covington. We are considered the Hollywood of the South and of course Mystic Falls.

I visited the Square this morning before heading into work and went to Southern Heartland Art Gallery to have my photograph made in their showcase window for Halloween. What an amazing piece this photograph is. I would love to have it as my own. I stopped into Spires and discovered this.

Ventured into Spires on the Square today to find out more on my new purse and wallet by Vera Bradley and found out it is in the Breast Cancer Awareness collection by Vera Bradley. I paid $9.99 for the purse and the matching wallet. It is Hope Garden January 2009 – September 2010. CARRY OUR COLORS
Since 1999, Vera Bradley has designed special breast cancer awareness colors to celebrate our commitment to the cause. Vera Bradley contributes approximately $1 million annually to the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer. By carrying these beautiful colors, you can show your support and add a little color to the fight against breast cancer.
Vera Bradley Breast Cancer Awareness Colors:

Even The Alley gift shop to The Mystic Grill has Halloween treats and goodies for sale. You should stop in and pick up some treats.

I had a friend of mine on facebook to tell me that she loved all my photograph that she felt as though she were right there with me.

That is exactly the feel that I try to give off showing off my hometown and all its beauty. In my photography I am generally or typcially sharing something with the reader, not just a photo of myself.

I thank you Ms. Andrea as that is the feel I have been trying to achieve.

You can stop in Southern Heartland Art Gallery and have your photo made in their showcase window all decorated up for Halloween. It is a beautiful place to be.

Since graduating Dekalb Tech in 2002 I have been a client of View Point Health for over ten years now and have taken and taught many therapeutic classes with and alongside my peers. I have attended many conferences. St. Simons Island with The GA Peer Institute. I have graduated from The Respect Institute of Georgia, I have graduated from the ACT Team and have been successful in the supported employment program. I have volunteered many hours at Social Circle Retirement and Rehabilitation Center and have worked many hours with the physically and mentally challenged in my peers at New Rock.

I owe a serious debt of gratitude to the ladies of New Rock and View Point Health for helping to keep me grounded and focused over the last several years. My CPS Certified Peer Specialist Ms. Brenda Williams has been very dear to me and has always  encouraged me to be more that I am and to want more and to attain more by working hard and diligently. Her door was always open for me and she gave me a big shove into the supported employment program and being gainfully employed. I owe all the ladies my love and appreciation. I have been studying for and made application for my Certified Peer Specialist certification through the GA Mental Health Consumer Network and hope to one day have my CPS Certification to accompany my current position as Personal Support Assistant in the health field. I really love my work and working with the physically and mentally challenged. It brightens each and everyone of my days giving of my life to the health field. Working closely with View Point Health, The GA Peer Institute and The Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Disabilities. I received scholarship this past spring to attend GPSI. GA Peer Support Institute training and graduated their program through the State of GA. I completed my project and turned it into New Rock and View Point Health.. I have not been able to present my project yet due to work conflicts but it will be in the very near future. Also discussing with my Peers what it means to me to work in the health field.

I am currently living in Conyers but will be moving back to Covington in the very near future. Only a short distance from the Historic Square. I will be in heaven! Come out and enjoy the Square this weekend. I hope you can put yourself in my shoes and the glory that I get to visit and see everyday.

Mystic Falls.

It is truly Mystical.

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