Square Perk Cafe now has a “Thanksgiving Tree!”

Square Perk in Downtown Covington has their “Official” Thanksgiving Tree up and it is a glorious sight to behold. You may purchase a “Leaf” or a “Pumpkin” for a dollar or two and all donations go to The Newton County Food Bank. Square Perk is matching each leaf and pumpkin on the dollar. A one dollar donation per each purchased leaf or pumpkin will be matched. I got by this evening and had a pumpkin spiced flavored coffee and hung my “Leaf.”

On my leaf I put that I was thankful for my 5 children. And how to locate me at my Covington News blog. I am so grateful for each one of my five children as they are truly my heroes in life. All of them in their own special ways. After raising five children for over 12 years and being primary care giver day in and day out I grew very close to not only my biological children but my adopted step – daughter’s as well through the years adopting them in 1999. I hung my leaf with great anticipation that they will have a wonderful holiday season and that hopefully me and my son Tyler will get the opportunity to spend some time with his sisters this holiday season.

Get yourself by Square Perk and purchase your “leaf” or “pumpkin” for “The Thanksgiving Tree” this month. Square Perk has declared that once the tree is full they will begin placing the donations on their walls. The Thanksgiving Tree looked pretty full to me tonight. What a joyous night on the Square. I always love visiting.

As I was walking across the sidewalk to The Mystic Grill I noticed earlier in the evening that the lights in the “trees”were on and thought WOW already! It is not the Christmas season just yet. Even though they have begun decorating for Christmas already. A gentleman then pulls up and exits his auto and unplugs the tree. I told him how I had wanted my photograph with the “Tree” and its lights and he told me that would be fine to unplug it when I finished but he explained he was unplugging it as it was not the holidays yet. I just smiled.

So for the month of November and being thankful. As far as Days 1 2 3 4 and 5 being today. I am thankful for my five children.

I am thankful that I now have a “Voice.” A voice that is heard and that I can advocate for many things and share my stories here at Word Press and at my Covington News blog for my community. November marks my 3rd year Anniversary with The Covington News as a full time blogger so for day 6 I am thankful that for nearly 3 years now I have had a voice. It may be the voice of a domestic violence victim / survivor but I am grateful that I am able to share my life with my readers and to present a strong case for advocacy and education in the State of Georgia and for its laws that I have set a precedent to. I am totally grateful that the Lord has blessed me with a strong voice and loving hands with a warm heart for humanitarianism.

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