Newton County Georgia pays tribute to Veterans Day Ceremony

Newton County Georgia pays tribute to Veterans Day Ceremony

Courtesy of Downtown Covington Georgia

Veterans Day 2014 (64 photos)
There couldn’t have been a more beautiful day to Honor and Remember our Veterans. Thank you for protecting and serving your Country and thank you to everyone that attended. God bless the United States of America — at Covington Square
What a beautiful bouquet to honor Veterans. I am proud to have a  hometown that honors those who proudly and greatly serve our country. I sing praises to all those who have served unselfishly in so many strong ways to protect our great Country so we may have the liberties of freedom, peace and happiness and comfort in our own homes each and every day. Those luxuries that our Veterans have all too often lost serving and protecting their country. I pray that all Veterans may know of these luxuries again and know that they are commended and loved and appreciated.
My mother was a Veterans Administration Hospital LPN Nurse for many years before her passing and loved taking care of the Veterans. They had her a special memorial at the Veterans Administration Hospital Chapel.
Hoping that with today you have been able to honor and praise those you know that have served and served willingly and tirelessly and effortlessly to protect our great Country. Have a nice evening honoring the Heroes in your life that have served and are our proud Veterans. 2014-11-11 17.31.48 2014-11-11 17.33.36 vday1

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