Celebrating my 3rd year Anniversary as a blogger with The Covington News

I have told this story before about what began as my journaling. It all began with tearing clippings of my favorite things from newspapers and magazines. I was being taught at Peachford of the importance of penning and journaling. At the time that was all I could muster. It then turned into penning and journaling in my own private journals. I then one Christmas decided to start a WordPress blog and from there it turned into full time blogger for The Covington News for 3 years now. Documenting many community events and my life for 3 years now.

I attended the community Health Expo several years ago and was the only one there that knew the “Motto” of the Covington News being “The Story of Your Life.” I won a free oil change for knowing the answer to the question What is the Motto of The Covington News? I was awarded a free oil change at Bulldog Tire in Covington for knowing the answer.

Sitting on the Square today watching them put up the Christmas decorations. Looks like a few new exciting pieces are going up to. I have already began my Christmas shopping and seeing the Square getting all decorated and dressed up gets me super excited. I cannot wait to attend the many events on The Square and the lighting of the Holiday Tree on the Square.

I stopped by The Covington News this morning and said Hello and had a photo made with their sign that says:

Blog It

Tweet It

Post It

Share It


The Covington News

The Story of Your Life.

What a wonderful day in history to have a “voice.” And in the very town I grew up in attending private Kindergarten at The Little Red School House all the way through college at The Dekalb Technical College Covington Campus graduating in 2002. This town means the world to me and I have lived through many stages of my life in Covington. It has held me together. Just visiting the Square puts life into perspective for me. Thank you for your continued reading and look for lots of upcoming photography of the Holidays!

2014-11-13 11.43.402014-11-13 11.53.28
2014-11-13 12.13.24


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