Addressing the issue of unconditional family values and love

I have begun this holiday season addressing a few things left unattended that need addressing. Beginning with what is the most important thing to me being “family.” I had a long in depth very detailed conversation with my birth cousins and shared of my experience here at The Covington News blog and how wonderful it is to know that my mother left my natural father and that I was adopted into a kind and loving family. I  have also been estranged from my aunt Roxie Nunley since 2005 and the passing of my mother. My aunt Roxie was like my mother growing up but since my mother passed things have not been the same between us.  I have gotten no response from her as I assumed that I would not. Not as of yet anyway. I wanted to be the bigger person and take the higher road of initiating the conversation and hopefully some peace and closure to our estrangement period. So I have done my part in addressing family this holiday season that I have been estranged from in hopes of finding family love and support. One from my natural birth family which is never going to happen. Clearly. And with my aunt, my mother’s sister. Who by the way is a nurse and should in my book and opinion even given the way I was raised be more in tune and more understanding of my life. But I feel with all my accomplishment’s in court in The Alcovy Judicial Circuit and my accomplishments leading up to my working in the health field should be enough to make her proud of me even given her distancing herself from my life. A nurse should be nurturing, kind, caring and loving. Full of sympathy, empathy and humanitarianism towards others. My aunt does not carry any of these above qualities. Not from what I can remember and certainly not up to this point in my life. She did go so far as to hire and retain Honorable Ozburn for a custody hearing regarding myself in the 80’s where her and my uncle Jerry Nunley of Nunley Machining gained custody of me but I have a very strong feeling the majority of that custody issue was led by my uncle who raised me with unconditional family values and love. Me being the eldest I received a lot of family attention from him and miss the fact that we are not as close as we were when I was growing up but he was my uncle by marriage. I love and hold him dearly in high regard and high esteem however. I can still stop in his shop at any time and pay him a visit or I have been able to thus far. Given that the court hearings have ended pertaining to my youngest daughter with many wins to our full favor and behalf but with no closure in sight as Mr. Sasser never adheres to the Court’s Judgment, Opinions or Wishes. I am just waiting now on contact from  my youngest daughter hoping that she will get in touch in the very near future as I hold just as much custodial right to my youngest daughter as my ex husband does and given Honorable Ozburn Opinions and Wishes were that we receive family therapy and that me and my daughter have channels so that we may be as close as possible. Mr. Sasser certainly does go out of his way to alienate a mother that has NEVER had not one question in her direction of remiss, neglect nor abuse as a mother nor as a wife in over 20 plus years yet he still continues with this act of hate and parental alienation and lies to my children on why were separated over night back in August of 2004 when everything with all five of my children was just simply fine, open and very loving. Even dating as far back as 2004 per The Honorable Nancy Bills Mr. Sasser’s attorney at the time giving me full custody of our youngest daughter and for Mr. Sasser NOT to interfere in the relationship with me and my oldest three daughter’s that I had legally adopted in 1999 the same year as the birth of my daughter. I visit the Olde Town Pavilion with much resentment and uncertainty in my heart. I have a photograph of myself and Honorable Ozburn that I keep on the desk top of my lap top as he has been a very big influence in mine and my daughter’s lives since being a young attorney now Honorable. And he has played a pivotal and very important role as mentor in my life and my daughter’s life. My friend Ken took these photographs of me for my collection and that I am very proud of and thoroughly love. The historic courthouse Square being my favorite place in the entire world. My favorite “4 Corners” of the world. I hope to be able to continue addressing family matter over the holidays and gaining the support of family even though I do not know a this point if it is even possible. Me and my aunt’s children have all been arrested in our pasts and paid our due fullest penance. So I am not certain as to why my aunt has estranged herself from me. We share a mutual friend in Mr. Mark Burton and she gave him a box full of photographs of me and my wedding and me and my children. I do not understand fully why and do not understand clearly as to if she did it with contempt in her heart or out of wanting me to have some of my old photographs as I have very limited photography of my children and family due to not receiving a dime of my divorce agreement nor any of my personal belongings that I was awarded a fair settlement of. I have received email from Cindy Moye McGiboney Smith as to her pain in her life as well and we plan to have lunch or dinner over the Christmas holidays for her to share with me some of her secrets to healing and success. I have built a life for myself with very little family support at all. Given all six of my grandparent’s and my parent’s have passed away things are just not the same. I have devoted my life to the courtroom and my children and to furthering my education and career in the health field through View Point Health, The GA Mental Health Consumer Network, The Respect Institute and now The GA Department of Human Resources. Along with supporting myself over the last ten years with very little to no help from anyone being a single mother to my son Tyler doing the best I can and have been able to do to support him along his life and the last ten years. I am firm believer that penning is therapeutic as I have been taught so by many top nurses and doctor’s in this State of GA. And I feel that given all my lessons and study through the State of GA that penning and jouraling is vital to healing. My advocacy and open court record days began in 1994 upon the meeting of my ex husband and adopting my 3 step – daughter’s. It did not just begin with my own daughter at hand. It has always been for all four of them over the last 20 plus years with not a hint, suggestion, implication nor accusation as to any wrong doing on my behalf as mother nor as wife to Mr. Sasser and wifely obligations. Yet he still continues to remain in a state of Contempt in this State. All out of pure hatred knowing full well that is what would hurt me most. Alienating me from my children. Or rather daughter’s. I plan to put and piece together a book with the full history of medical and court documents to be able to share with my adult daughter’s once my youngest daughter reaches a little more age. Now going on 16. I hope to hear from my aunt over the holidays and hope to get her response as I have made the first move as so many people have told me to do so over the years. Please hold near and dear all your family as you never know when you may lose someone you love dearly to time, distance or death. To me as a young girl “family” was instilled and engraved in my heart and  mind as the most important thing in life so how and why family expects me to deviate from my raising and upbringing I have no idea. I have not lost unconditional love for family. It has been taken from me through the years. I hope that this holiday brings you closer than ever to your family and if you need to make amends or just settle a dispute with someone or a loved one please do so as I regret each day that has passed that I do not address family issue even though it was carved into my head and heart as the most important thing in life. Unconditional family devotion and love. Which during the course of my divorce and after my divorce my adoptive father was there for  me everyday. Every day. We had grown so close once again only to lose him to Cancer in 2009. I feel at times as though I have taken on the world and survived. With people who plotted and schemed against me still wondering how in the world I have made it through. With time, patience, dignity and gratefulness along with self – help I have been able to come to place of recovery in my life and pray that it only continues to bear good fruit and that the fruition of my efforts be made known to my family and my children along with my community. Thank you for sharing in the last three years of my life with me here at The Covington News blog.

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