Day 1 of My 25 Days of a Covington GA Christmas 2014

Welcome to my page and welcome to Day 1 of My 25 Days of a Covington GA Christmas 2014.

In About and Around town is such a beautiful place to be especially during holidays. The historic Square always greets you with a warm hug and leaves you feeling in a state of tranquility after visiting. I have a life long history with the historic Courthouse given I was adopted by Mr. Mayron Fuller of The Fuller Family Farm’s at Old Atlanta Highway and Almon Road and of Hy Tec Machining. I also have a degree in Business /Legal Office Assistant and my Paralegal certification from Dekalb Tech. My internship to college was done under the one and only and the great Esquire Mr. John Strauss Sr. of The Newton County Public Defender’s Office as I was his very first intern ever. A title I hold near and dear to my heart. Ken got some beautiful shots of the historic clock tower for me and I was able to see Covington through a true professional photographer’s eyes. And plus it was beautiful roaming and adventuring around town enjoying the sights and not being the only one photographing. I showed Ken Floyd Street and I took several photographs on Floyd Street of some of the beautiful Christmas decorations. This very first day of December  I am featuring this home as my Welcome to December and My 25 Days of a Covington GA Christmas. I hope you enjoy some of my historic photography all with a new touch of new Christmas. I noticed one of the homes had been painted yellow. It was so pretty but they were not decorated for Christmas as of yet. I will check back at a later date. The paint job looked really nice and I loved it. I think it is now my favorite home on Floyd Street. Ken’s album can be found at my Covington News blog as In About and Around Covington including the amazing clock tower. These homes and architectural structures are some of my photography. Last year I did an entire blog on Floyd Street Christmas and it was a bit hit at my Covington News blog so I wanted to capture its essence once again this year a little at a time.

This house is always decorated beautifully and deserves grand attention. It is immediately off the Square on Floyd Street up a small piece from The First Baptist Church of Covington. They even have their gate decorated beautifully with a lovely Christmas wreath. I wanted to share this home with you as we “Welcome December 2014.”

I have the book “The Glory of Covington” but I would truly love to take a class in the rich history of Floyd Street and my hometown where I attended private Kindergarten through College in Covington GA and have been in continuing education in Covington GA in the health field via View Point Health, The GA Mental Health Consumer Network and The GA Department of Human Resources working in the health field presently. Please enjoy my 25 Days of a Covington Christmas and if you’d like to see somewhere special photographed send me a private message at facebook : april fuller sasser  and I would love to be able to capture that special memory for you. “Welcome December.”


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