Square Perk and “The Chocolate Perk.” The Cork Boutique and Gifts and Gewürztraminer

Square Perk and “The Chocolate Perk.” The Cork Boutique and Gifts and Gewürztraminer

Day 9 of my 25 Days of a Covington GA Christmas is “Square Perk” and “The Cork” both located on the historic Square which Square Perk  is now open on Sundays from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and for Sunday special events held on the Square.

If you have never tried “The Chocolate Perk” it is a must. It is a brownie delight with vanilla ice cream and whipped topping. It is absolutely delicious and you get the best views in town of the historic Square and the clock tower.

I have come to know Square Perk, The Cork, They Mystic Grill, Your Sister’s Closet, Perfect Fit Lingerie, Fletcher’s, Scoops among other businesses on the Square in the last three years of my blogging at The Covington News. I really enjoy being on the Square as it holds very fond and special memories for me as I have shared with my readers before. Being adopted at The Historic Courthouse and raised in Covington schools my entire education through college along with performing my college internship for Esquire Mr. John Strauss, Sr. at The Newton County Public Defender’s Office graduating the Business/ Legal Office Administration program along with my Paralegal Certification. The Square has held fond memories for me my entire life. When I was very young my aunt lived in a small house on Floyd near the library. I suppose that is when my love of Floyd Street began. Last year I photographed just about every home on Floyd Street at Christmas and posted a blog with many photographs which you may view here.


“The Chocolate Perk” is a must have so get by Square Perk and enjoy “The Chocolate Perk.”

Me and Ken also recently visited The Cork Boutique and Gifts on the historic Square and has Gewürztraminer which was on special order for testing to see if Newton County residents actually enjoyed it. They now have some on order and we hope to get us a bottle just as soon as it arrives.

There are so many people my age that I talk to that have no idea about the historic Square or Floyd Street or historic markers or Newton County’s rich history. I learn something new every day and try to learn as much as possible and am by far an expert but to know nothing of the Square or Floyd Street is a shame. One should read my blog and then go and have yourself a visit with The Historic Square and Floyd Street which has sidewalks on both sides of the street for your walking pleasure and enjoyment. I was unable to attend the parade this year but photographed it last year which it is at my Covington News blog as well. I suppose I will retire and pass away in Covington. Being a native of Newton County and loving each and every mentor and friend I have met on the Square throughout my entire life but especially over the last three years.

One day during my divorce I ventured into Ms. Junes lingerie shop and began to cry over a painting that she had hanging on her wall. She consoled and comforted me and we have built a friendship ever since and she has promised me the picture that hangs on her wall. I was fortunate enough and had the pleasure of spending some time with her on the 4th of July on the Square. Ms. June of Perfect Fit Lingerie is as sweet as they come.

I have thoroughly enjoyed photographing Covington this holiday season and fully intend on getting some more photographs of the town as more houses get dressed up and decorated for the holidays. Frosty the Snowman will be on the Square this Friday! I cannot wait to see Frosty!

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