Laying my head down at night is peaceful

I do not lay claim to be perfect nor even near perfection but when I mention being absolved of any wrong doing during my marriage pertaining to family violence. That is just what I mean. Through full investigation and therapy I was always absolved. The Rockdale County District Attorney’s Office was very aware of Mr. Sasser’s abuse through the years.

I can lay my head down at night peaceable knowing that there is no record of wrong doing on my behalf as a mother nor as a wife. As our divorce was based on irreconcilable differences and there has never been a hint, suggestion, implication nor accusation on my part or directed at me pertaining to my mothering nor my wifely obligations so I can lay my head down peaceably at night knowing that while I am not perfect nor perfection I was a good mother and wife to have a record of over 20 years of no wrongdoing on my behalf for me to ever be questioned of. Not once. The reason I have this on  my mind is a facebook friend asked me basically “If I thought I was perfect?”

I lived for many years with my legally adopted step daughter’s being abused by their natural mother which is authenticated and fully documented in open court records as well as through the Department of Family and Children Services that I have the records of in my possession. A relationship that was so full of remiss, neglect and abuse and Mr. Sasser is fully aware of it as he was a supporter of mine during my many years of advocacy for his daughter’s that I legally adopted.

No I am not perfect but when it comes to a perfect record as far as a mother and a wife then yes. I can lay down peaceably at night knowing that I have been vindicated and that Mr. Sasser has no records of any sort to use against me nor to share with my daughter’s only is word of lies regarding our alienation and estrangement. His parental alienation that has lasted for many years now even given my many wins to our full behalf and favor in open court. So Ms. Kim, no I am not perfect. I am a hard working single mother who does everything she can to stay on top of the case in a court of law and to take care of my son as best as possible through the years of being a single mother. In which we have always maintained a very close, open, full and loving relationship with one another but he has missed his sisters as he grew up with them since being a toddler and was separated in 2004 from them. After many years of the five of them being spent together as siblings.

I bought these Christmas Tree Ornaments for my children and hung the set of 8 on my Christmas Tree in hopes of being able to give them the ornaments this Christmas or at one in the very near future. They were for my children. Child like Christmas love and joy.

I received a suitable settlement at the end of my divorce but never received anything that I was awarded. Nothing. My entire life was lost to Mr. Sasser. My entire life since childhood was in our marital home and lost to him. Everything of mine gone in one day. Having to rebuild has been very hard and losing everything sentimental and all my family photography that I was awarded has been very hard on me. So I have documented the last three years of my life and actually the last ten so that I can share it with my kids one day. It will actually be sharing 20 plus years with them since 1994 to present of being a strong advocate for all of them and always staying on top of the court hearings and always supporting and loving them devoting my life to things that would make them proud of me.

Never abandoning or abusing them in any way nor neglecting them or my love for them that was ripped away from me overnight due to family violence.

I went to a job interview and my mother-in-law was babysitting for me. When I returned to pick my youngest daughter of the age of 4 at the time up after the interview her grandpa threw her into the back of the car seat with the other girls and took off. Me and Mr. Sasser had an argument that led to a fight. I have seen my daughter once since then for about an hour even given my many wins in court and Mr. Sasser being held in contempt more than once.

Mr. Sasser knows that their natural mother was neglectful and abusive and that it is thoroughly documented through this state of GA.

He knows that the easiest way to hurt me is to alienate me from the love of my children. I have ran into the oldest two and have shared hugs and I love you’s with them but have not really spent any quality time with them. Unsure as to what Mr. Sasser’s excuse has been as to our separation period. My booklet that I plan to prepare for my youngest daughter will prove to her exactly what the last 20 years of my life has held and my advocacy, love and full devotion.

Having graduated Dekalb Technical College in 2002 and now working on my CPS Certification and working as a Personal Support Assistant for the physically and mentally challenged and elderly. I hope to be doing strictly therapy work in the very near future. I love my job and find it very fulfilling and rewarding as each day holds new encounters and new meaning.

These ornaments were for my children. Unbeknownst to me if I will be able to share them with them but I have them ready if so. I wanted an ornament that would take them back to the days of many wonderful Christmases spent together as a family. I can only hope and pray that they know how much of my life I have devoted to them inside and outside the courtroom and that all I do is for them and to leave the best lasting legacy as  a single mother and young lady as possible. Having big shoes to fill yes given my many wonderful mentors but I am working on it hard each and everyday as I continue to work in the health field with my patients loving every minute of it. I hope that my booklet will eventually show my children the truth and lead them to a greater understanding of why advocacy is so important and that it is taught in this state by View Point Health, The GA Mental Health Consumer Network, The GA Peer Support Institute, The Respect Institute, The GA Department of Behavioral and Developmental Disabilities and so forth and so on one is taught to share in their past and their recovery stories. I have been a work in progress and have recovered in many ways but still ache due to the fact of the parental alienation that Mr. Sasser grasps at each and every turn he gets. Even given in 20 plus years he has never had one complaint against me in open court. Not ever a single one to be brought to my attention.

I love you girls and hope the best for you this holiday season and hope you know my life is still “for you all.” With each step I take.




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