The Lee Porter House Conyers St. Covington GA Photo courtesy of Mary Nichelson of Thrive Global Radio Network

Day 14 of my 25 Days of a Covington, GA Christmas.

The Lee Porter House Conyers St. Covington GA Photo courtesy of Mary Nichelson of Thrive Global Radio Network

Mary posted this photograph to my facebook page asking me about its history and implied that it was her favorite house in Covington. I could not believe my eyes when to my surprise it was Dr. Anthony D’Almeida’s old home that Mary had posted. I knew it in an instant. My mother was Dr. Anthony D’Almeida’s head nurse for many years before her working for the Veteran’s Administration Hospital in Atlanta and her passing working as nurse for the VA Hospital. I told Mary I knew the house like the back of my hand.

I was fortunate enough to be able to roam the rooms and hallways of The Lee Porter House on Conyers Street just about every day for many years. I was also fortunate enough to be host to several parties that were thrown at The Lee Porter House for me and my friends at school specifically a Halloween party that was great fun. I do recall however that several of my friends ventured into the graveyard and had the City of Covington Police called on them. They were brought back up to the party at the house and my mother handled it. The Halloween party was great fun there with all my friends.

The big tree that sits in the front yard held many days of my reading books, journaling and doing my homework under its branches. It holds very dear and fond memories of mine as being one of my favorite spots in the world and a small secret hiding place of mine to go to and think and read.

What was also a secret hiding spot of mine was the Servant’s stairway that led to their quarters upstairs and led you to the upstairs. It was a beautiful winding small and shallow staircase that I loved to just sit in and pretend.

According to “The Glory of Covington” The Lee Porter House is on of Covington’s most imposing Greek Revival homes ever erected. It was built for Lester Lee, son of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene O. Lee of The Lee Rogers House.

You must get yourself a copy of “The Glory of Covington” and get to know my hometown.

During the years when it was the home of the Eugene O. Lees and the O.W. Porters, this impressive structure was the scene of many gala social affairs.

Pages 240-244 of “The Glory of Covington.”


And thus we conclude our journey into the past.

It is hoped that the reader feels now that he knows the men and women who peopled the houses which he has visited vicariously. Their course is run their place in the annals of Covington is secure.

The beautiful houses which inspired this look backward remind us of times which are no more. Their soaring columns and graceful dignity provide and aura which, hopefully, will increasingly be a source of pride to present and future residents of Covington and of Georgia. These great houses are a rich legacy from the past which shuld be cherished and passed on as the heritage of generations yet unborn. Their ultimate fate rests, to a great extent, with the people of the community.

A thing of beauty is a joy forever. Its loveliness increases; it will never Pass into nothingness.

Keats, Endymion

I have posted several times at my Covington News blog of Floyd Street along with The Lee Porter House hoping to keep it alive and well in spirit in my community. I have used several houses on Floyd as a part of my 25 Days of a Covington GA Christmas and posted a Christmas blog last year at my Covington News blog featuring the homes all dressed up for Christmas along with a blog of the finer and more detailed look into their flowers, gates, doors and so forth. The little detail that is all too often missed unless you regularly walk the sidewalks as I have and do since a young girl. Thank you Mary for the photographic and the wonderful trip down memory lane and so glad that it is your favorite home in Covington. I so wish I could show you around inside. Thank you Mary.




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