Christmas 2003

As we all post of “Throwback Thursday” today, this week I am sharing the last Christmas photograph of my children as a family of siblings all together. It was the Christmas of 2003 and I was working as a contract Paralegal to The GA Force and leasing consultant manager for the team. Such happy smiling faces in all their photographs that I have of them. I only wish I had all my photography of my children but of the ones I do have they are very well kept, clean, happy and smiling from the heart children. My son here is now 22 and the girls are all older than him other than my youngest who will soon turn sweet 16. This was my Christmas card that December having no idea I would be getting ready to face the worst days of my life in the short months to come. What a difference ten years makes. So happy to have this photo and be able to share them with you.

I have truly been in the spirit of “giving” this holiday season. As I ponder over the Christmas gifts I have given they have all came from the heart. Small trinkets and tokens of my affection that greatly have touched my heart unconditionally. Seeing others faces light up and receiving the “gift” of giving has been a most inspiring and uplifting feeling this holiday. This week as I prepare to give presents to my client to give to his sister’s and mother for Christmas I find myself at a huge milestone in my life with ten years of history behind me now. Working as a PSA Personal Support Assistant with many clients that I have now taken care of and supported. The State of GA is now giving back to me and it has been an elated feeling full of hope, renewal and endless possibilities as I grow into the new and upcoming year. Give the “gift” of giving this holiday season and see just how truly it warms your heart and blesses your life.



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