The “gift”of giving

The “gift” of giving. Day 18 of my 25 Days of a Covington Christmas.  I receive great joy from giving to others. There is much joy to be had in giving to others freely and unconditionally. These three stockings are for one of my clients and his two sisters and a gift package for his mother. Working as a PSA Personal Support Assistant through the Ga Department of Human Resources I get to work with the physically and mentally challenged along with the elderly. To include clients with Cerebral Palsy and Autism. I am not allowed to discuss them by name or specific diagnosis due to medical and work ethics but I do enjoy being a PSA for the State of Georgia and am happy to be able to give them gifts for Christmas this holiday season.

Working as a PSA is a very rewarding career and keeps me on my toes and upbeat. I have found great peace within my job.

At one point having Honorable Nation not allowing me to see my four daughter’s due to what he was misled and lied to about and was only worded “due to my mental condition” I could not see my four daughter’s. Not knowing that there had been family violence involved along with me being the Codependent caregiver and even having Mr. Sasser’s attorney to prepare a Prepared proposed Opinion giving me full custody of our youngest daughter and for Mr. Sasser not to interfere in the relationship of me and my adopted three step daughters to include therapy for codependency as the caregiver to Mr. Sasser. I have taken classes on Codependency through Peachford and Eastridge Baptist Church at Celebrate Recovery for being the caregiver codependent. I decided a long time ago not to allow that decision made by Honorable Nation years ago to go down in history as the final decision and began my own Pro Se case enlightening Honorable Nation of the entire truth behind the family violence and my being hospitalized for codependency and depression along with being treated for many years of marital abuse. He was quite surprised and told Mr. Sasser very quickly that I could have any contact I wanted to with my older three daughter’s and ordered therapy for reunification process for me and my youngest daughter and Mr. Sasser. But to go from August of 2004 and not being able to see my four daughter’s in the State of GA to having the full favor of Honorable Bills, Honorable Nation, Honorable Rhymer, Honorable Ozburn and Honorable McAdam through the last ten years to working with the physically and mentally challenged has been a true act of faith, sweat, blood and tears. With a lot of giving and sacrificing on my part.

I have been able to be a client of View Point Health for over ten years now along with have my own private psychiatrist through Peachford that I see about once every three months. I have been blessed to graduate from New Rock through View Point Health and to be able to study for and make application to become a CPS Certified Peer Specialist for the State of Georgia which includes the following to qualify:

I want this state of GA to know that there have been 1000+ Georgia Certified Peer Specialists Since October 2001. 

And the requirements include:

> Candidates must have diagnosis of mental illness or a dual diagnosis of mental illness and addictive disease and must desire to identify themselves as a person with mental illness current or former consumer of mental health services.

> Applicants must hold a high school diploma or GED and may be requested to provide a copy of this document.

> Must demonstrate strong reading comprehension and written communication skills as indicated on their responses on the pre – test which is part of the application.

> Must have demonstrated experience with leadership, advocacy or governance.

> Must be well grounded in recovery

These facts are taken directly from the Certified Peer Specialist brochure.

The motto of the CPS being “Each One Reach One.”

And this program is offered through The GA Mental Health Consumer Network that I have worked very closely with over the last few years and have attended many conference and graduated New Rock Day Program, The ACT Team, The Respect Institute, The GPSI GA Peer Support Institute training along with the Supported Employment program and have obtained and been very active in my job working as a Personal Support Assistant for the State of GA.

I have my degree in Business/ Legal Office Administration and Paralegal Certification but my calling is the health field. I plan to continue to make application for my CPS Certification to enhance my skills as a PSA for the State of Georgia. And I plan to continue to work as a PSA supporting the physically and mentally challenged and the elderly for this State.

The ‘gift” of giving this holiday season is a great feeling as over the last ten years I have been in my own personal recovery story and have taught and taken many self -help and whole health classes through View Point Health and The GA Mental Health Consumer Network and have now been employed for a good time now as  PSA working and advocating for others changing the course of history forever.

I feel I could have been bitter, nasty, full of resentment if I had decided to be. Which I was very upset in the very beginning but decided to make a difference in this State of GA for future generations and my children to come. Supporting and advocating family violence victims, parental alienation, the mentally challenged and parental reunification process hopefully leaving behind a lasting legacy of success for those to come in the future including my very own children and grandchildren.

I have been very blessed to be able to work so closely with View Point Health and The GA Mental Health Consumer Network and to be a graduate of The Respect Institute of The State of Georgia per Mr. Joel Slack and The Georgia Department of Behavioral and Developmental Disabilities.

I legally adopted my step daughters in 1999 and it was as if I had never met the girls. This is included in adoption in the State of GA :

Independent Adoption Report – State of Georgia

I. Verification of allegations contained in the petition

II. Circumstances under which the minor children came to be placed for adoption

III. Whether the proposed adoptive parent is financially, phsically and mentally able to have the permanent custody of the minor child

IV. The physical and mental condition of the minor children to be adopted

V. Whether or not the adoption is in the best interest of the minor children

VI. Suitability of the home to the minor children

VII. Other information – References

Four references were obtained on myself, Leslie Syles, school counselor, Julie Manders, school counselor, Mark Zielenske, family friend, Charles and Dot Sasser. All of the references support the adoption of the minor children by the petitioner, April Christina Fuller Sasser

I have made it to a final position of happiness working as a Personal Support Assistant in the health field and showing Rockdale County that I meant business where my children were concerned never giving up and never giving in and never settling for less than the Order that we all deserved. I feel that I have shown this State of GA that even though you may be a family violence victim or in the family of the mentally challenged such as depression you can still function in life and be productive and you should have every right as a parent to your child that every other parent has.

It thrills my heart to be able to give to my client, his sister and mother this holiday. Being his PSA through the State of Georgia and being dear friends with my client.

There is the act of giving where you actually receive during your act of giving. The destruction that began in August of 2004 in my life has been completely and 100% turned around for the positive and for the best for all involved. Other than my children’s lives not  turning out as planned with their lives being harder on them than they should have ever been expected to deal  with by alienating their mother, me, from their lives. They have truly sacrificed being separated from me. I hope they grow to realize in the future that everything I have done over the last 20 plus years has been for them and for their best interest.

I never dreamed that I would be working in the health field but it is possible to achieve the highest standards of this State if you are willing to devote your life and career to your children and to others being a strong advocate and friend to the physically and mentally challenged.

I have made application for training for the 2015 Advisory Board Council training and hopefully did not miss the deadline. I am not certain at this point or not if I have but  I know in my heart of hearts that I have put my best foot forward in the application process and hope to be chosen. If not I will wait until the next training and make application once again.

So given the fact of having the approval and full favor of Honorable Bills, Honorable Nation in 2008, Honorable Rhymer, Honorable Ozburn and Honorable McAdam and to now be working as a Personal Support Assistant in the health field I feel that I have surpassed the expectations of many and deserve the respect that I have worked so hard to achieve and to show that I am capable of showing this State that it can and will be done if it is within my will and power. I have achieved a milestone in my life this holiday season and feel that given I have the full favor to my behalf of the above judges that I am “good enough” for any walk of life and deserve to be treated with such respect and dignity that I have given this state over the last 20 plus years. Sacrificing and hurting everyday with the devastation of the parental alienation even though to have full favor of the above Judges and The Alcovy Judicial Circuit. I hope that Rockdale County realizes that I have put my children and my career first in my life and have kept my promise to this State of being a parent, mother and friend to 5 children and a pillar of my community just as I was when I was married and to the right side of Mr. Sasser advocating and supporting his three daughter’s. Which is no less and no more than I have done for my very own biological daughter. Reaching this milestone in my life this holiday season as I sit and look at the stockings and gifts under my Christmas Tree for my clients and families in the health field really thrills my heart and just wonder what else my future holds but knowing that I have finally “made it.” I have met the expectations of this State and if I died today I would know I had surpassed everyone’s greatest expectations. Never having one single hint, suggestion, implication nor accusation as to any wrong doing as a mother nor as a wife to Mr. Sasser. Not ever. It is a very good feeling when I lay my head down at night to pray. Knowing that Mr. Sasser has no record of wrongdoing on my behalf as a mother nor as a wife. It does not exist.

Looking at the gifts for my clients and families is a great feeling and enriches my heart more than you could possible even imagine. This year has been truly a gift from above. From the good Lord. The “gift of giving” to others. My clients and their families in the health field as I continue with my career into the New Year 2015.

I feel that I have handled the situation very respectfully whereas all were involved especially towards the attorney’s and judges who wronged me and my daughter’s. As I have never disrespected them nor judged them. Only documented and spoken of the facts of the issues so long as I had an authenticated document to accompany my story of divorce and recovery.

I can give my client and his family their gifts knowing that I am a wonderful PSA that is respected and loved. I am so into the “gift of giving” this holiday season. I have surpassed a huge milestone in my life and this year marks my tenth anniversary of marital abuse and diagnosis of battery and depression along with parental alienation due to family violence and mental diagnosis of depression and being the caregiver codependent. Meaning I care take those with alcohol, drug and gambling issues of their own. I have grown away from care taking as my marriage was absolved ten years ago this year.

My next goal is to put together or to complete a booklet I have been working on over the years for my youngest daughter to indicate all the therapy records during mine and Mr. Sasser’s marriage along with the records of her sisters and their legal adoption along with authenticated medical documentation and court record that has been to our full favor. I will get through to my daughter one day as to my diligence to my children and that her father has been filled with hate and lies as he has no record of wrongdoing on my behalf and has only used it against me knowing that ordeal would be the greatest pain in my life. My greatest hurt. Being alienated from my children. He has continually used it as his tool of abuse.

Reaching a milestone in my life working in the health field has truly been an honor that I plan to continue with and to grow in my career and hopefully one day reach management level for other Personal Support Assistant’s and nurses. I thank you the reader for sharing in the last three years of my blogging at The Covington News and advocacy of The Covington News and my story of loss to recovery and reached goals. I thank you the reader.

So happy to be delivering my gifts this week to my client to give to his sisters and mother from him. Gifts of his own to share with his family from him. From my heart to his.




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