Christmases Past

We are now down to less than a week away from Christmas 2014 and I have Christmases Past on my heart today. Yesterday for Throwback Thursday I posted a photograph of my children during the Christmas of 2003 their last Christmas as a family unit and will probably post it again before the season is over. I love it so. The last ten years worth of Christmases Past have not been the brightest nor the grandest for me but over the last couple of years my best friend Mark has made my holidays a special time. Spending 10 years with 5 children at Christmas time has always captured my heart and still does to this very day. Especially our last one together where I was working as a leasing consultant manager and contract Paralegal to The GA Force indoor arena league football team and their families and me and my children were able to spend an entire season with them during the 2003-2004 season. We were all at every home game during my last year spent with my 5 children and at my place of employment with me even during the holidays.

Having my children, my parent’s, and Mark on my mind today as I am reminiscing Christmases Past and feeling so blessed to be having such a wonderful holiday season this year. Since just right before Thanksgiving my holidays have certainly been one for remembering this year. I have spent a great deal of time with my new friend Ken and he has made Christmas beautiful with the gift of my love of photography. A Fuji camera and we have cooked together, watched movies, had dinners, had coffee and excellent conversation spending hours with one another getting to know each other. I hope that this years marks a huge milestone in my life. In my hope I realize that this year does mark a milestone in my life. This is my ten year anniversary of my marriage absolving and the tenth year I have spent without all my children at Christmas. My son being at the top of my Christmases Past list he has always and continually made Christmas enjoyable for me and kept me grounded and has shown me much love and given me much to be thankful for.

When we think of Christmases Past and we travel down memory lane, is it of our parent’s, our children, our spouse, our pets, our neighbors, milestones and reached accomplishment’s? I have reached a ten year milestone this year and gained success and reached accomplishment’s. As this year I celebrate with Ken and my son and know that I have shown this State of GA that I mean business where my children are concerned with much success in the courtroom and a wonderful career in the health field with the physically and mentally challenged continues. What a wonderful ten year anniversary it has turned out to be. It began by my being chosen for scholarship to the GPSI GA Peer Support Institute to Simpsonwood Lodge through The GA Mental Health Consumer Network back in the Spring and my success has not stopped since.

Love, warmth, parties, giving, peace among all men. What is on the top of your Christmases Past list? I am grateful to be able to say I have truly been blessed this holiday season and this ten year anniversary will be one that I will never forget and that I will be able to mark as a great ten year marking history for me. So many things that I have prayed for have came to pass and I am ever so grateful. What wonderful memories this year to fall back on in the coming years.

Walk with me during this ten year anniversary and make this a Christmas to remember for many years to come with me. Be loving, be kind, understanding and gentle with one self and take special care to take special care of “you” the most important thing in this world and the only you that you have.

Ten years ago this year I was going through a rough divorce and spending Christmas alone as I had just been released from the hospital for family violence and depression. My father and aunt tried making it as best as possible for me but I only spent about an hour on Christmas day with my children and the rest of the time I was alone. I never dreamed ten years later as I sat all alone in fear and scared to death that  I would have so much success in store for me in the courtroom nor that I would have a career in the health field being a strong advocate for the physically and mentally challenged. As well I have been a full time blogger at The Covington News for over three years now documenting my life for myself, my children and my community. I feel that I have bore great fruit over the last ten years and this year embarking upon Christmases Past seems very rewarding even though many years of tears have been shed and a lot of hard diligent work has been completed and put to the test by these small hands of mine.

Having my son, my best friend Mark and my boyfriend Ken in my life this holiday season has made it a true gracious story for Christmases in the future. So full of love, hope and peace for me this year as I have been able to enjoy all the downtown Covington festivities that have been held and have attended parties for both Thanksgiving and Christmas among my friends. Which were happy parties and ones that I thoroughly enjoyed this year. Tonight I will be going to the historic Square for Rudolph. Not sure if the Square is planning on hosting real reindeer or what exactly they have in store but I am sure it will be a good time had by all.

I hope you mark with me this ten year anniversary milestone and make it a memory for Christmases Past that you can pull out and cherish year after year as it means so much to me this year.

Thank you the reader for your continued following of my recovery and life story.



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