Newton County Fire Service to honor and protect

Ken knowing just how well I love my hometown, Covington, GA. He grabbed my hand at Berry’s Tree Farm and took me over to the fire truck to have a look see and a photo.

Very proud to say my entire education has been spent in Covington, GA.

Being adopted into the Fuller Family in 1976 at the historic courthouse I then attended “The Little Red School House”, a private kindergarten. Which is next door to the YMCA. Then onto Ficquett Elementary, Sharp Middle, Newton High and onto Dekalb Technical College Covington Campus 1999 – 2002.

I have also graduated New Rock Day Program through View Point Health, The Respect Institute of Georgia, The GA Peer Support Institute training where I took several classes of the program and turned in my project to View Point Health. Also a graduate of The ACT Team along with The Supported Employment program onto a career in the health field which I currently hold as a PSA Personal Support Assistant for the GA Department of Human Resources for the physically and mentally challenged and the elderly. So proud to have all this educational history in my hometown of Covington, GA. Very grateful for the many wonderful mentors I have had along my life’s way. Being able to spend my college internship as a juvenile probation officer with The Southwest Key program reporting directly to Hoorable Waters and Honorable Schneider along with working closely with Esquire John Strauss, Sr. of The Newton County Public Defender’s Office. I have been diligently working on receiving my CPS Certified Peer Specialist certification through the GA Mental Health  Consumer Network. Working in the health field only enhances my skills and knowledge of the health field.

I am going to be working this Sunday on some gift wrapping and Christmas cards. I will let you guy’s know how my gift wrapping goes!

Happy Sunday!



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