Santa please deliver these especially

Hoping to be able to get my four girls their Christmas presents this year. I know and realize that I have been repetitive in some of my blogs but for those who would like to catch up on our story you may join me at my Covington News blog for the last three years of my life.

Even though considering I have had Honorable Bills, Honorable Nation, Honorable Rhymer, Honorable Ozburn and Honorable McAdam to my full behalf and favor I still suffer parental alienation and truly miss my girls. I can honestly say I never gave up and saw it through until the end. In the courtroom beginning in 1994 to present date 2014.

Taking into consideration it has been court Ordered for a full, open and loving relationship we still do not have this level of a  relationship. Mr. Sasser was as well instructed to obtain a P O Box so that me and my daughter’s could communicate privately and for him not to interfere in that communication. Family therapy was also among the Opinion and wishes of the Alcovy Judicial Circuit. Working a little tonight on their gifts that they will receive some day in the future. A fine piece of Crystal for each daughter of mine has been genuinely wrapped by me and placed under the Christmas Tree. Thank you the reader for continuing to follow my story of parental alienation and for all the support. I cannot wait until the day I am able to finally share with my youngest daughter the book I have been working on that began in 1994 with her sisters and my finally adopting them in 1999. A book full of open court record wins, an adoption record, family and marital abuse records, family and marital abuse therapy records, authenticated forensic abuse records, open court authenticated wins to our full behalf and favor. A book for her to have as her own. A chronological sequence of events and timeline of the events that I have posted here at WordPress and that I have shared time and time again with my reader.

So hopefully Santa reaches my girls. If not now then sooner than later.

Love, Mom

girls12014 girls22014


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