Merry Christmas Eve!

Day 24 of my 25 Days of a Covington Christmas. Christmas Eve is upon us folks and I for one am super excited. Sick with the strep throat but excited to be spending Christmas with the ones I love and being able to do a little for them this year as I have been working in the health field for some time now really enjoying it. You may visit me at facebook to see this entire album or scroll through my blogs here at The Covington News if you missed the lighting of the grand Christmas Tree in Downtown Covington. Santa comes tonight for so many and I hope and pray for each and every child who is expecting a visit from Santa. I pray that they are truly blessed. If I could do for each of them would suit me none the better. I would love it if I could make every child’s sweetest Christmas dreams come true just as I was able to make Christmas beautiful for five children for over 10 years and pray that they all have an amazing Christmas. I will be spending Christmas recovering from strep throat. Tyler came by on Tuesday night to check on me and we went ahead and did his Christmas. He said he plans to visit again on Christmas Day but wanted to come by and check on me with my being sick and all. What a truly proud mother I am. A very proud mother of my baby growing into a very fine young man. I hope that as you spend time with your loved ones, family and friends that the true Spirit of Christmas enters your heart and the true meaning fills your deepest angst, pains and dreams. May you all be richly blessed with the Spirit of Christmas and richly filled with an over abundance of faith for the New Year that we are all about to embark upon. Merry Christmas Eve to you and your loved ones whether near or far and thank you the reader as I go into my 4th year of blogging and documenting of my life. Working on Christmases Past has been a rich blessing to me this year as it has shown me just how truly healthy, happy, clean and such beautiful smiles all my children had in all their photos over a ten year period and for that I am greatly blessed. Knowing that every Christmas spent with me was beautiful for my children. Sifting through their photos online truly lifts my spirits and weighs heavy on my heart as I know in my heart of hearts I have done all that is possible from these two small hands to be the best mother possible in and outside the courtroom for over 20 years now for all five of my children with much success in the court’s to our full behalf. My youngest is now approaching 16 years old and hopefully she will grow closer to her brother the older she gets as I plan to put together a book for her of chronological order of abuse, medical and court records for her to view as soon as she is ready for it all.Me and Tyler have gotten all the girls a little something for Christmas and he is hoping to see them on Christmas Eve. Hopefully he will get to spend a little time with them. To my surprise my son tells me that my ex mother in law sent him a Christmas Card and that he got it in the mail today. Ironic and laughable. It seemed to touch him though so I let him have his happiness. He was happy to have gotten a card from her and I told him that was very sweet and very nice of her to do so for him and to think of him. I have never had such the hardened heart that I put down my ex husband nor his family to my son. I always build up the relationships that were had for over ten years uplifting my ex husband and his family to my son so as to try and make the transition he had to endure easier for him. As a mother I truly hope that all my children grasp the true meaning of Christmas and the birth of Christ and to begin this year to grow and to begin to understand that the abuse I endured was real and the abuse they endured was real as a family and that as court and therapy records clearly and authentically reflect. It has been a hard road for all of us to climb and to do so alone. Unlike the mother and child relationship full of love we had for over ten years. Christmases Past have gotten my children on my mind and me and Tyler’s talk tonight has me pining for the love of my children and for their happiness and understanding that family violence is not to be tolerated and that I love them and respect their bravery through the years without me as their lives have been completely different than the paths I had them started on as young children into their teens. I have had much success in the Judicial system and am very grateful and blessed. I am now waiting to hear from daughter as I have done all that can be done to this point. With much success in the court room, a college degree, certifications in the health field, a career in the health field and a steady boyfriend retired Navy Veteran my life is a beautiful one and I just hope that the New Year brings love, life, faith and happiness to me and all my children once again. Having such a beautiful life right now is often scary as I am not used to so much happiness and so much success. It scares me just about as much as it does to be an advocate for family violence victims and those who suffer parental alienation along with the mentally challenged. It scares me just about as much and I hope the success and love in my life right now never ends. I am truly blessed right now and very undeserving yet very happy with my life at the moment and can lay my head down easy and proud of myself and my accomplishments and achieved endeavors. My wish for you is this much happiness and faith. It has truly came from above and I owe my life to the hands of the Lord our God as he has turned my dreams into his plans and given me life once again. May you rest peaceable this Christmas Eve knowing in your heart of hearts that the true Spirit of Christmas is upon us and blankets our community. Merry Christmas Eve. Lovingly, April


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