Merry Christmas full of peace, faith and love

Day 25 of my 25 Days of a Covington Christmas. It is Christmas Eve and as I reflect upon the true meaning of Christmas tonight I wanted to share this Nativity scene with everyone and hope that you find as much faith, hope and childlike love as I have found in my heart this holiday. It has been rainy for several days here in GA and I have been diagnosed with strep throat but am not running an active fever and have started my treatment of antibiotics and steroids. As  a nursing assistant I am expected to be back to work on Friday so there is no time to be down and out. Thankfully I am not running an active fever and can get back to work asap.

Me and Ken visited with Mark today and I got to share in his love among friends.

Me and Ken are planing on cooking a large meal for tomorrow with ham, potato salad, green beans, rolls along with some baked goods. Red Velvet Christmas Trees and Hearts with cream cheese topping along with our Gewurztraminer wine from The Cork Boutique and Gifts. Tyler is supposed to be visiting with me again as well.

I hope you take a moment to reflect upon the true meaning of Christmas and that in doing so it will carry through our entire community and blanket us all in peace, harmony and love through the New Year.

Enjoy your Christmas Eve as I am about to retire for the evening as in getting into my comfy pajamas and prepping for tomorrow’s meal. Praying for everyone that has ever crossed my life’s path and that you are safe, warm, happy and prosperous as we go into the New Year.

My prayers have came to pass as well I hope that your’s will as well.

From a college education, certifications in the health field, a career in the heath field, a best friend, good friends, a boyfriend that is a retired Navy Veteran who is super good to me and holds a very special place in my heart this holiday that I will never forget. All this abundance of success and love and happiness surely cannot be real. But it is and I am in sheer delight hoping that it only continues for me. Once again I thank you the reader for continuing in following my blogs and enjoying my life with me in support, hope and love.

Please share this Nativity scene with your loved one’s if you do not have one set up at your home and share the Christmas story with your children as they depend upon you to lead them into generations to come. A true survivor and still standing after all this time. I could not have done it without the help of many wonderful friends and mentors in my life and the support of The Alcovy Judicial system with much success in the courtroom and their complete support. My New Year’s resolution or rather promise is to continue with my book for my daughter of the many records that I have in my possession as she will want them one day soon. I hope that one day my many days of blogging will result in a memoir for my girls especially along with my son.

Nobody ever thought it possible that I would have a career in the health field given my degree in Paralegal but it has become my interest since studying to become a CPS Certified Peer Specialist and in therapy myself. So do not tell me it is not possible to write my memoir. I want to share the many documents of abuse and advocacy that I have carried out over the last 20 plus years for all my children. A memoir that truly reflects the chronological sequence of events that have led to our alienation along with the continued success in The Alcovy Judicial Circuit that will hopefully and prayerfully one day very soon lead to our full and complete reunification process as I pray my daughter’s wants to be an active part of my life very soon and that I do in the very near future have the opportunity to share with her the truth of these matters. I still have no closure and never will until we are actively reunified as mother and daughter and my son gets to have his sister back in his life. I pray that you never have to live one day without your children due to family violence and marital abuse along with the mentally challenged as in depression and anxiety over the many issues you have had to endure leading to PTSD. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder due to no relief.

With the support of View Point Health, Dr. Asaf Aleem and Peachford along with The GA Mental Health Consumer Network and The GA Department of Developmental and Behavioral Disabilities along with The Respect Institute of GA and the GPSI GA Peer Support Institute and my career with the GA Department of Human Resources in the health field working closely with the physically and mentally challenged along with the elderly I feel that  a memoir is certainly a great possibility and if I have to share it with the world to get through to my daughter regarding my good fight, devotion, love and success then so be it. I will share it with the world if that is what it takes to get through to her and finally put a stop to this unnecessary parental alienation that I continue to suffer even though there has never been not one single hint, suggestion, implication nor accusation nor question of any wrong doing as a mother nor as a wife in 20 plus years and Mr. Sasser has been fairly represented this entire time as well as have I.

My New Year promise to myself and my kids is to put this documented book together with the last one I made and mailed out to many several years ago. Hopefully working in the health field will boost my chances of having the funds if necessary to build up to a memoir or at least have my Covington News blog published as my memoir would be great too.

May you have a wonderful Christmas Eve evening with your loved ones near and far and I perhaps will touch base on Christmas Day at some point or another after our large dinner. Merry Christmas! Very lovingly, April



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