My grown up Christmas Wish

‘Twas the Night before Christmas as I make this solemn vow. This will be an upcoming year full of even more prosperous success, faith and love as I continue working in the health field and begin work on continuing the book I started, put together and mailed out to dozens years ago. This upcoming year will include a history of 20 plus years advocacy for 5 children along with authenticated court documented medical records, marital abuse records and successes in the courtroom in Rockdale County from Honorable Bills in 2004 to Honorable Nation in 2008 onto The Alcovy Judicial Circuit from 2008 to current 2014 per Honorable Rhymer, Honorable Ozburn and Honorable McAdam.  I make this solemn vow that I will get through to my natural daughter one day somehow. If it takes me making a book and sharing it with the world to reach my daughter’s heart then so be it.

My ex mother in law sent my son Tyler a Christmas card this year and Mr. Sasser and his family have done everything within their power to alienate and estrange me from all 4 of my girls for over ten years now even given keeping in mind that there has never been not one single hint, suggestion, implication, accusation nor question as to any wrong doing as  a mother nor as a wife in 20 plus years and Mr. Sasser has been fairly represented as well throughout the last ten plus years.

In 2008 I put together a book of a great deal of documentation that can be found at my Word Press blog under Advocate Awareness, Achievements and Court Documentation. I am going to continue with this book I began in 2008 and update it to current date to include all records from the last 20 years of therapy and court that me and Mr. Sasser have attended so that I may be able to present it to my daughter who will be 16 in October. Almost a young lady at this point. Very laughable to me that Dot Sasser would send my son a Christmas card when they expect me to just shut up and be quite about my own daughter when I fought tooth and nail with Mr. Sasser and his parent’s for the older girls as well. My advocacy did not just begin. It began in 1992 upon having my first born son Tyler whom I have always had a very loving, caring, open and full relationship with to this very day.

Honorable Ozburn was my personal family law attorney as a young girl in Newton County in the chambers and court room of Honorable Virgil Costley during a custody hearing pertaining to myself between my mother and her sister, my aunt Roxie Nunley. Whereas at the time my mother had begun drinking and was not caring for me properly as she was suffering the death and passing of her mother and her divorce from my adoptive father Mayron Fuller.

Honorable Ozburn represented me and my aunt won the custody hearing and I went to spend out the rest of my teenage days with my aunt and uncle Mr. Jerry and Ms. Roxie Nunley of Covington.  I then went on to work as a day camp counselor at Ridgecrest Baptist Conference Center in Ridgecrest North Carolina during my senior year of high school as a summer staffer working with young children and to also graduate and march at my high school ceremony. Had it not been for Honorable Ozburn I would NOT have a high school or college degree to my name. I am forever indebted and will forever be grateful for his strong influence over my entire life and the life of my daughter as he has met with her in his chambers as well where she did tell him she wanted to be a part of my life and he awarded us a full, open and loving relationship. Just as in the one that existed before the marital abuse. Honorable Costley became my Paralegal adviser at Dekalb Technical College in 2001 and I graduated his program in 2002 and received my diploma from Dekalb Technical College and completed my internship under the great and only Esquire Mr. John Strauss, Sr., of the Newton County Public Defender’s Office. Had it not been for Honorable Ozburn representing me as a young girl and having me attend therapy my life would not be the same nor as productive and full of the quality of life that I have been able to lead and accustomed to. He has been a great influence over my entire life since a very young girl and in the past my daughter’s life. Honorable Ozburn had me attend Celebrate Recovery as a recovery tool. It was not court ordered but we discussed it in open court and I informed him that I was already in attendance at Celebrate Recovery at Eastridge. Honorable Ozburn and I then ran into one another at church at Eastridge one morning where I was attending as I grew up in Oxford Baptist Church for many years with Pastor Mr. Trey Bailey. Honorable Ozburn holds a special place in my heart and in the life of now not only myself but my daughter as well. Where he has done everything within his powers and understanding to reunite and reunify our relationship.

I plan to put this year to very good use by devoting my life to my career in the health field and working on having my Covington News blog published as a memoir along with all my documentation in chronological order so that it is easy enough for my children to read and understand. My daughter coming up on her 16th birthday and the other four all over 21 at this point. Honorable Ozburn has visited classes at New Rock Day program where I am a graduate of and where I have been working on obtaining my CPS Certified Peer Specialist Certification through the State of GA and now I am under the employ of The GA Department of Human Resources as a PSA Personal Support Assistant to the physically and mentally challenged along with the elderly. I plan to work solely on my career and on my memoir or rather running notebook for my girls.

I have tried and tried not to blog of my children or advocate for them online and it never works. I cannot and will not be shunned into silence.

With the support of View Point Health, The Respect Institute of Georgia, The GA Mental Health Consumer Network, The GA Department of Behavioral Health and Disabilities along with Dr. Asaf Aleem of Peachford and now my employment with The GA Department of Human Resources as a nursing assistant I feel that I can complete  a memoir and have it published within the next year or at least hopefully have it all completed and put together just as I want it for my girls so that they can see the truth for themselves. I as a young girl under the legal representation of Honorable Ozburn wanted to know all about my family history, my adoption, my natural birth family and my siblings. I have never abandoned any of my girls and have fought the good fight in and outside the courtroom to be reunited with them. My daughter is just beautiful. I see photographs of her and it warms my heart like never before. She looks so much like me when I was growing up but does favor her natural paternal grandmother on her father’s side of the family as well.

My Christmas wish and prayer is that I will be able to put together this booklet to share with the world just as I shared it in 2008 with dozens of fine folks and organizations regarding me and my four girls.

So if you plan to continue to follow me through the New Year, know it will be long hours spent putting together over twenty years worth of advocacy and therapy and court records all to my favor through the many years. I hope that you do continue to follow me through the New Year and into my project of completing this booklet for my girls and to share once again  with the world just as I did in 2008 with much success following.

My grown up Christmas wish.





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