Thank you the reader and please bear with me as I get my new updated booklet underway.

You can never love yourself enough. You can never write enough. Never underestimate the power of a woman with ‘writing skills.” Writing has pulled me through my entire life especially the last 20 plus years since the birth of my son and legal adoption of my step daughter’s in 1999 to Pro Se case in 2007, 2008 per Honorable Nation that was accepted by the court as true and correct in form and deliverance and he reversed his decisions about me and my girls given he was finally told the entire truth and my filling the courtroom full of witnesses for him to testify on my behalf. From Lt. John Mumford of Rockdale County Sheriff’s Department to The Northside Hospital Emergency Room staff to The Dekalb Community Service Board therapists, attorney and doctor alike.

I then wrote and put together a book in 2007 regarding my four girls and had a mass bulk mailing of the book that included:

authenticated medical records, marital abuse records, battery records, court documentation and personal letters of concern while at the time living with my dear friend and roommate Kimberly at the time of the writing and mailing of the book. Which also included Honroable Bills Mr. Sasser’s attorney of record at the time prepared proposed Opinion that I have full custody of our youngest daughter and for Mr. Sasser not to interfere in the relationship of me and my older three adopted girls. You may view these documents at WordPress.

I plan to continue with this book and begin to add to it in 2015. To include additional authenticated medical records, therapy records for 20 plus years, the full State of GA independent Adoption report that I have a copy of all in my favor along with court and judicial documentation where success has been had by me and my girls now considering Honorable Bills, Honorable Nation, Honorable Rhymer, Honorable Ozburn and Honorable McAdam. I plan to include from 2007 to present 2014 judicial documentation along with records that I have for the last 20 plus years saved and have boxed up. I plan to pull each and every box out and prepare to work on my book for my girls especially my youngest daughter given my older girls know better than to act the way they have been behaving. To go from perfect wonderful full and loving relationships to nothing over night due to Attorney Paul Oeland and Attorney Michael Waldrops incompetence has been such a disgrace to Olde Town Conyers and I was not nor had any intention on leaving the O.C.G.A . as they had left things pertaining to my four girls.

I plan to continue this road of advocacy by once again making contact with Mr. Rick Jeffares and Mr. Andy Welch both of the State of GA who are fully aware of my ideas and intent where Charli Savannah’s Law is concerned. A law for children concerning the fact that they should have their own legal representation while involved in a court divorce procedure and not the divorcing attorney as the two that me and Mr. Sasser had only ruined my children’s lives and our relationships by not informing Honorable Nation of the entire truth and by doing absolutely nothing to help me and my children even though it was a very easy task for me to do during my Pro Se hearing that began in 2007 and to present date being represented by Matt Ledbetter of Covington, GA. It was a very easy task for me and for Mr. Ledbetter. Had Mr. Oeland or Mr. Waldrop done anything on behalf of me and my children that was in their best interest with me as the primary care giver none of this would have gone on and if Mr. Sasser would not continue to alienate and estrange me from my girls I would not continue sharing with the world our story and of my recovery. If Mr. Sasser could grasp the fact that the court has awarded me a full, open and loving relationship that was once had between me and my daughter who was only 4 years old at the time I would not continue with my pleadings of relief and be in search of relief for the pain and estrangement we have suffered and endured even given there has never been not one single question, hint, suggestion, implication nor accusation in my direction of any wrong doing as  a mother nor as a wife by anyone for that matter. Not ever. Not in the entire over ten year period of court hearings that myself and Mr. Sasser have attended and he has always been fairly represented.

Go to bed and wake up with four of your children gone by no fault of your own and see if it does not give you a breakdown and as you continue to do everything within your power to be a part of their life by only showing the world the chronological truth of the family history. Unlike what Mr. Sasser has told and shared with my girls. He has filled them with lies and with hatred over the last ten years and hid them from the truth and from court hearings where I would have many to testify he has not brought them. He has been told time and time again it is in my daughter’s best interest to be a part of my life and that we should seek family therapy but Mr. Sasser would never agree to family therapy.

Given I had my own legal family law representation as a young girl being Honorable Ozburn I feel that children deserve their own attorney during the course of a divorce and not the divorcing attorney as they could care less about the welfare of the children as they have proven so in this state. As my girls continue to have child after child with no formal education to their name given Mr. Sasser consented and signed for them to quit school during their early teen years. Not being a part of their education or life for that matter as I was. Hoping and praying that my youngest daughter does not quit school as Mr. Sasser has allowed the older girls to do as I had all 5 children on track for college during my over ten years relationship with Mr. Sasser. I love them none the less but these two attorney’s ruined their lives and they have still accomplished nothing even given going on their 30’s at this point. With my youngest turning 16 years old next year. I will be working on this booklet to continue where I left off in 2007 and update it to present 2014 and have another mass/bulk mailing of the book.

Hopefully one day having my own memoir to leave behind of the true devotion and love that I have given to all my children while devoting my life to their best welfare. Being published on Word Press and The Covington News is great and as I head into my fourth year with The Covington News as a full time blogger I hope to one day have a personal memoir to leave behind of my success in the O.C.G.A. along with many authenticated records for my children to see and NOT just Mr. Sasser’s lies and hatred that has been shown.

My girls can be upset about the advocacy if they like. I have been instructed in the past that advocacy is the best policy by Deputy District Attorney Richard R. Read and The Rockdale County courthouse along with View Point Health, The GA Mental Health Consumer Network, The Respect Institute of GA, The Dekalb Community Service Board, The GPSI GA Peer Support Institute, along with my private therapist Dr. Asaf Aleem the Director of Peachford Hospital who has seen me through the last ten years of my life bringing me to a point with a career in the health field along with many conferences, classes taught and health certifications to my name and a career as a PSA Personal Support Assistant to the physically and mentally challenged along with the elderly.

I have taught many classes in self help and recovery to my peers and have blogged of these classes for years now through View Point Health and the New Rock Day program. With the support of many in this state that advocacy and telling your story is the best path of recovery and the most important.

CASA is not enough in the State of GA and the State of GA has been made fully aware of my ideas of children having their very own legal representation during a divorce given the incompetence of Attorney Paul Oeland and Attorney Mike Waldrop.

I plan on also sending my new updated booklet to CASA of Rockdale County and The Alcovy Judicial Circuit.

I will be blogging of my updated booklet as I add to the book and hopefully have a full mailing out by the end of January 2015. Please join me as I head into my fourth year at The Covington News.

Honorable Ozburn has been made aware of my blogging in open court and I was not addressed about it.

He has visited New Rock through View Point Health and hopefully has been brought up to speed about the Respect Institute of GA that I am a graduate of that telling your recovery story is the best policy for all all involved.

If Mr. Sasser would just follow the court’s explicit instructions since 2004 to present I would not have to share my feelings with the world because I would be in the full, open and loving relationship that every judge has felt we deserved.

Thank you the reader and please bear with me as I get my new updated booklet underway.







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