Centennial Olympic Park Ushering in the New Year 2015

centolympark2Centennial Olympic Park Ushering in the New Year 2015

Me and Ken spent the evening this unseasonably warm day which became much colder tonight in Centennial Olympic Park. Glad afterall that I took my coat along. The sights and sounds were complete bliss and watching everyone fall in love with the horse & carriage rides was too sweet. The Ferris Wheel lit up the skyline at dusk and as it grew darker. What a wonderful way to usher in the New Year. Tomorrow I will be changing my Reindeer sheets out to something fresh and taking my Christmas Tree down and cleaning up the apartment getting ready to start a new week at work on Monday bright and early at 6:30 a.m. with my patient. I would like to get me a few new pairs of scrubs as you can never have too many scrubs. I love my job and it is very rewarding. Today me and my patient saw Annie together and he thoroughly enjoyed it and  I did too. I love seeing his smiling face. Waning to share my gallery of Centennial Olympic Park and hope that you find as much beauty in it as I do.

The air was warm all day today and with evening came a chill in the air while at Centennial Olympic Park with Ken. As I plan and prepare to prep my apartment for the New Year I sit here wondering as I type if I should not just rest on Sunday as my life has been so full, busy and hectic as of the last week. Actually since November at the time of my son’s birthdate at the beginning of the month. I will decide more once I wake up but for now I plan to get things back in order and some fresh sheets on the bed washing, folding and putting away the reindeer sheets.

We had a great time tonight and you should really go have a visit with Skyview Atlanta. The Ferris Wheel and its many coat of colors will dazzle and amaze you as the evening grows on. We had dinner at the local Waffle House on Centennial Olympic Boulevard and it was a true Waffle House dining experience to be had.

We visited the State Bar of Georgia it looked simply amazing at night with their Christmas Tree lit up. One of many on my bulk mailing list of my new to come updated booklet and mailing of January 2015.

Please enjoy the photographs of Centennial Olympic Park as much as me and Ken have this evening.



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