The Ferris Wheel of Life Skyview Atlanta

The Ferris Wheel of Life Skyview Atlanta aprilcentennialolympicparkdec2014 centolympark3

With the coming and ushering in of a New Year I find these photographs and this series particularly uplifting and inspirational. Full of love, light and brilliance. 2014 has been a very prosperous year for me and I can only pray that 2015 bring even more prosperity to my life and career in the health field that I enjoy so much being a part of. I am as well supposed to be moving into a new apartment one mile from the historic Square in Downtown Covington. Hopefully in January at some point.

I know and realize I have been blogging an awful lot about my girls here lately but it has been with the passing of the holiday that I truly miss them and so wish I could have given them their gifts. I am planning on getting them to them somehow. Either by mail or delivery. As of tonight their gifts still sit under my Christmas Tree. For all four of them. I had in mind to take the Christmas Tree down tomorrow to get ready for the New Year and a new week at work. I plan to wake up early on Sunday and get busy in my little apartment tidying it up and prepping for the New Year.  I need new sheets as the ones  I have now are Reindeer sheets. Possibly going to look for some new ones in the morning if I get up early enough to make a trip into town and get back and have things straightened up by Noon.

While in Downtown Atlanta tonight we passed the State Bar of Georgia and of course it had my mind going a thousand miles a minute. Placing them at the top of my list of the mass /bulk mailing of my updated booklet to come regarding all four of my girls and the last 20 years. Hopefully putting this book together and updating it and doing another mailing will help relieve some of the tension and stress I deal with contending with parental alienation from Mr. Sasser. This State of GA has made right a wrong from 2004 and Mr. Sasser continues to alienate and lie to my children and his wife about our divorce and the issues surrounding the divorce which were strictly irreconcilable differences and no question, hint, suggestion, implication nor accusation on my part as to any wrong doing as a mother or as a wife to Mr. Sasser and Mr. Sasser has been fairly represented but has lied to my children surrounding the circumstances whereas the divorce was concerned.

Seeing the brilliance in the Ferris Wheel tonight made me feel as if my life is that of a Ferris Wheel. Never ending full of brilliance, hope and light. I can only hope to live a long and meaningful life passing down to generations to come a legacy in the O.C.G.A. that helps family violence victims, those who suffer parental alienation, the mentally challenged and for parental reunification. As I have had Honorable Bills, Honorable Nation, Honorable Rhymer, Honorable Ozburn and Honorable McAdam all of the State of GA in my full behalf and favor I feel it only a matter of time now before my youngest daughter gets in touch and I want to be prepared with a book for her showing her the true commitment, devotion, loyalty and love that has been given to all my children in the 20 plus years of my mothering.

I possess 20 plus years worth of authenticated documentation I am prepared to share with the world and my youngest daughter when the time is right. I will be working on updating my booklet/workbook from 2007 to present date 2014 when I do the mailing it will be to many still with please of relief from parental alienation and for Mr. Sasser to follow the explicit directions of the court and the Courts Opinion and Wishes as to whereas family therapy is concerned and that we could all use family therapy regarding our youngest daughter and our girls. Mr. Sasser would never agree to family therapy and has been held in contempt several times. The Court given my youngest daughter’s age has done all they can do at this point to reunite us and I have been pleased with the hearings. I can only hope that Mr. Sasser has enough sense to enlighten my girls as to the abuse from their natural mother that is clearly outlined and defined in the independent adoption report along with Department of Family and Children Service records that I have in my possession. A book that he cannot deny. A book that my youngest daughter will see as to my loving and being committed to all four of my girls including her brother, my son Tyler whom I have never been alienated from.

This Ferris Wheel tonight opened up many new ideas for me and new beginnings as I usher in the New Year. I plan to continue with my career through the GA Department of Human Resources as a Personal Support Assistant to the physically and mentally challenged along with the elderly as well as continue to work on my CPS Certification that I have been in study of for some time now with the full intent to make application once again to the State of GA. Using my Certified Peer Specialist certification to enhance my skills and knowledge of the health field. It is a wonderful feeling to show the State that it can be done.

Honorable Ozburn being over and presiding over the Alcovy Judicial Circuit Mental Health Courts is due an open letter about the status of myself and my girls. Which I plan and intend on sending him. I will reach my daughter one way or another as to my 20 plus years of devotion and strike down Mr. Sasser’s lies with authenticated documentation of the true facts. He can live with it or not. I will not be shunned or shamed into silence. It is not what the State of GA nor The Respect Institute teaches and I for one will not be silenced as to where my devotion and love is concerned for my girls. You could personally ask anyone in the Rockdale County District Attorney’s Office and they could enlighten you as to how I never plan to be silenced as long as I am alienated from my girls and lied about. The world shall see bulk of the truth from the last 20 years regarding my mothering most of which is open court records at any rate and can be seen by anyone in search of them. I am only an advocate. A channel for the truth. Knowing that the truth shall set me free. The truth shall set me free finally from Mr. Sasser and his family’s lies and disrespect of me to my girls. Mr. Sasser needs to own up to the fact of the last 20 years and tell his current wife the full truth of the matter and how there has never been a question as to any wrong doing on my behalf as a mother nor as a wife not at any court hearing or anywhere for that matter and that they were abused by their natural mother and step father which is factually documented in this State of GA and that I am in possession of all the records.

One of the things that bothered my girls most regarding their natural mother was that she abandoned them and just gave up. Me never. I never have and never will. I do not plan to be silenced. Honorable Ozburn has been brought up to speed that I am a blogger and I was not addressed about the fact.

Whitney Posey Capps shared a quote on facebook a few days ago that really touched me. “The Word was made Flesh.” And I have prayed fervently over the Word this holiday season that this will be the year that I finally get through to my girls. Giving them a mother with a college degree and career in the health field that they can be proud of showing them the full truth if it takes sharing it with the entire world then so be it.

The brilliance in the Ferris Wheel has my imagination at peek level and ready to get started on my updated booklet and the New Year. Ready to get my world in order for a new work week and the New Year. Thank you once again the reader and please bear with me as I get my 2007 booklet updated to 2014 from 1992 to present.

This was Ken’s first trip to Centennial Olympic Park and so it will hold a special place in my heart too as I was the first to show him the Park. Please enjoy the photography as much as I have and know that I am working diligently to continually better myself for many friends, family and mentors that have walked with me in my path of life. Trying to fill the big shoes that have been left behind for me. I only pray I never suffer another nervous mental breakdown due to the parental alienation that I still endure. Journaling and penning being my escape. If the girls want to hold grudges and hatred due to the lies of Mr. Sasser I plan to show them and the world different. It is time for Mr. Sasser to fess up regarding the truth of the facts of our lives over the last 20 years.

I am ready to begin cleaning up my little apartment from Christmas so I bid you good night as I perhaps may put myself on another pot of coffee and get busy. I am contemplating it. Find your Ferris Wheel of Life, too.


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