I am ready to let my Life EXPAND now.

I am ready to let my Life EXPAND now.

I have been so fortunate over the last year. This past year has been a true blessing in my life. I was awarded scholarship through the GA Mental Health Consumer Network to attend GPSI the GA Peer Support Institute and receive all their study material for GPSI. I graduated New Rock, I graduated The ACT Team, I graduated from the Supportive Employment Program to find myself in a career in the health field as a PSA Personal Support Assistant through the GA Department of Human Resources caring for the physically and mentally challenged and the elderly. I have gained a relationship. A partner that I met over the Thanksgiving holiday’s. I am also planning a move back to Covington living only a mile from the historic Square in Downtown Covington. I am a Respect Institute of GA graduate in November of 2012 and wish to begin telling my story to the ladies of the mental health system in Newton County, the ladies in the Newton County Jail. Those that are a part of the mental health courts. I hope to coordinate with The Respect Institute, The Alcovy Judicial Circuit Mental Health Courts and the Newton County Jail an opportunity to share with the ladies information, hand outs and self help skills from The Respect Institute where you learn to tell your story in any forum. Mr. Alfred Brook has already met with The Alcovy Judicial Circuit mental courts and introduced the Respect Institute. I just hope to continue the story by sharing my story with the ladies and providing them with self help recovery tools and skills for the real world along with help with their spirituality. Spiritually lifting them up in praise and comfort. I would love to share with the ladies information from The Respect Institute along with Spiritual correspondence that may help them cope from day to day as they complete their sentences at The Newton County Jail or are asked to complete a competency evaluation through Georgia Regional or other counseling services or groups. I would love to get up enough bible and daily devotional booklets for each lady at the jail along with The Respect Institute hand out and folders to encourage them and to encourage them to encourage one another in their daily walk. Hopefully I will be able to coordinate and organize all of this by spring of this year. I will be living only a mile from the historic Square and it would be very convenient to the Jail for visits with the ladies. It would take me contacting The Respect Institute, The Alcovy Judicial Circuit Mental Health Courts, The Newton County Jail and Honorable Ozburn who presides over the mental health courts of The Alcovy Judicial Circuit. I hope to have this ministry of self help recovery of sorts in place by spring. I will be moving in February so that only leaves me a few weeks to get everything organized by spring. I also work in the health field which takes up a great deal of my time but I will make the time to see this endeavor through in 2015.

Encourage and lift up one another says the Lord our God and it i time to take a stand against stigma in the Mental health courts and at Newton County Jail among the inmates of the mental health courts.

Being a graduate of Dekalb Technical College in 2002 and performing my internship at The Newton County Public Defender’s Office with Esquire Mr. John Strauss, Sr. I am familiar with the system and feel that I would be bringing a great service to the county and to the the ladies of the Newton County Jail system. Helping them to recover and encourage one another through skills and tools to cope in the real world again one day.

I will be contacting local churches for help on obtaining enough bibles and Sunday school books or daily devotionals for the ladies as well.

Working on the notecards once again this weekend from “The Mind of Christ.” T.W. Hunt and Claude W. King Life Way Press

I have came across Circumstances through which God may work and how one may express their attitude.

Circumstances through which God May Work

Persecution or opposition for right

Public ridicule or condemnation

Being condemned for a righteous stand

How I express this Attitude

I fix my purposes on the Kingdom regardless of the consequences.

I rejoice in times of testing or trial.

I suffer for righteousness sake without retaliation.

I turn the other cheek.

There are 7 set of Circumstances through which God may work that I will be studying over the next several weeks from my note cards. These here suit me perfectly and the circumstances in my life that have occurred and taken place over the last ten years.

I will be signing off now as I will be studying this set of Circumstances through which God may work and my attitude.








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