In my mind and life today

It has been a while since I have actually been to a Sunday church service. I have attended the Conyer’s Women’s Bible Study Group led by Whitney Posey Capps on The Life of Moses but I have not attended a Sunday sermon in a while. I plan to be back in church on Sunday and with the new year hope to begin more scripture study and more study on The Life of Moses as I have became very interested in the study of his life.

I attended Eastridege Baptist in Covington for a while and was a member of Celebrate Recovery of which I need to get back into as well in the community. I really miss Eastridge. I had the pleasure of growing up with Mr. Trey Bailey of Eastridge at Oxford Baptist Church as a youth and I went on to work at Ridgecrest Baptist Conference Center now Life Way in North Carolina as a day camp counselor for a summer during high school.

I was a member of Doraville First Baptist led by Pastor Bill Kellye for over five years some time back and the church left me with a bad taste in my mouth and not wanting to attend a church sermon. I have tried to relay this fact to Pastor Bill in hopes that he could understand that I did not feel he was leading his church in the right direction in saving lives and protecting the people of the church and for their best welfare.

I really miss Eastridge and me and Ken plan to attend on Sunday this week and I am going to make it a point to get back to Celebrate Recovery on Thursday nights as well. I have several blue chips but need to continue with the great fight and have the support of the church.

Honorable Ozburn was teaching a class at Eastridge that I truly enjoyed visiting. I hope that he is still teaching his class. I plan to find out this week and if so I plan to be in his class listening in on the lecture. Honorable Ozburn was my family law attorney as a young girl and I have valued and held him in very high regard ever since a very young girl. I certainly hope that he is still teaching his classes at Eastridge.

My letter and membership has remained at Oxford Baptist Church in Oxford GA since I was in along about the fifth grade. I have never moved it. Being baptized at Oxford Baptist twice by Pastor Alan Posey, Whitney Posey Capps father.

The brand new apartments that I will be moving to in a few weeks are located just off the historic Square and are a stones throw from my fathers machining business that was off of Washington Street for many years. Mr. Mayron Fuller of Hy Tec Machining. I will pass it each and every day a I come and go and have to reflect upon the life of my deceased father and his place of business.

Being that I would visit him at his office often and have coffee with him and talk I truly miss those days and time spent with my father. During my divorce process he worked extra hard to take special care of me and attend therapy with me and for me to meet him bright and early each morning at his shop to have coffee and to start me day keeping me motivated and inspired. I will be so torn in having to glance over each and every day and see his old machine shop knowing he is deceased. I have been praying that it would not be a stressor or trigger for me in my life and that I see it as a time to celebrate his life and his touching my life through the brand new apartments. The apartments are just a stone’s throw away. Right next door as a matter of fact and it has really been weighing heavily on my heart as I have been visiting the apartments as they prepare to have them ready for the big move. I know I will be excited to live so close to the historic Square in Covington given I spend so much time there as it is now and in attendance at all community events. I just pray that I do not get to missing my father so bad that it effects me emotionally or mentally or my stability. I will certainly need your prayers. I am looking forward to the move and have already begun packing, throwing away things, donating old shoes and clothes and cleaning up my apartment I am living in now and I cleaned off both my book shelves and have one tall white cabinet left as far as books and paperwork goes but it is over twenty years worth of books and paperwork so it is a must to organize and keep all of it. But I do plan to go through it during my packing as I am getting ready to work on my new updated booklet/ magazine pertaining to my girls and my youngest daughter and updating the booklet for the last twenty plus years of advocacy for my girls and my son. The book to include records from 1992 to current 2015.

I feel that my father and Honorable Ozburn would be very proud of me for graduating the Support Employment Program through View Point Health and working in the health system now for some time. I worked closely with the Supportive Employment Program but found the job and placement on my own one Sunday night as I filled out the over two hour application process. I was very proud of myself and love my job. I love my patients and sharing in their lives of the physically and mentally challenged and the elderly through The GA Department of Human Resources.

I have been concentrating on work, my move and helping a friend in great and dire need of a support system right now. A friend that I am dearly attached to and care a lot about and hope to help very much in the long run.

Signing off for the night and getting some rest.

Have a good night all.








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