I Heart The Church Eastridge Community Church Covington Georgia

I Heart The Church Eastridge Community Church Covington Georgia

Sunday, January 18th 2015

I attended church at Eastridge today and it was good to be back. I was able to attend the Sunday morning service as well as hear Honorable Ozburn lecture on the book of John and Satan. It was a very interesting and inspiring class that I am so glad I was a part of. I am going to pray even harder for the foe in my life especially my ex husband who cannot seem to let go of the past and let me get on with my life with my daughter as court ordered in our favor by 5 Judges to present. I will continue to pray for him as he mistreats and judges me.

I plan on working on a women’s prison ministry to be held at Newton County Jail by supplying biblical and spiritual materials along with correspondence from The Respect Institute of Georgia that I am a graduate of that teaches you how to tell your Recovery Story.

I picked up Next Step Booklets for Winter/Spring 2015 and hope to get more from Trey next week along with a Reading Plan for 30 Days for the New Believer.

I feel it imperative at this time in my life to reach out to the ladies of Newton County Jail and share with them The Respect Institute of Georgia in a biblical and spiritual nature as well on how to become self reliant and how to get on the road to recovery and how to tell their Recovery stories and that it is possible to become very successful even after one has been incarcerated if you set your mind to it and put your heart in it 100%. As I have.

I cannot wait to begin to minister to the ladies and share with them the Bibles and spiritual literature along with The Respect Institute correspondence. I feel it a strong calling of mine and given I worked for Esquire Mr. John Strauss Sr., as his Paralegal intern during college as I graduated from Dekalb Technical College with my degree in Business/Legal Office and Paralegal Certification I feel that this is something that Mr. Strauss would be proud of me for accomplishing and plan to see it through.

I was fortunate enough to hear Honorable Ozburn’s lecture this morning from the book of John and took notes and look forward to next week when he continues the lesson.


To abide in the Lord.

Reflect, Repent and Remember.

We partook of communion this Sunday morning. as Pastor Scott Moore led us in worship.

Ephesians 5

He is coming back for the church. He showed an example of 2 oranges. The one on the right was molded and dead and the one on the left will die. Both oranges are dying being disconnected from Resources of Life.

I love the church because it teaches me to abide.

John 15 : 5

Matthew 1 : 23 Emmanuel God is with us.

Matthew 28 I am with you always.

Romans 5

Distracted and feels disconnected (Busyness) causes worry and resentment. Ruthlessly eliminate busy from your life. Matthew 6 31 – 33

Luke 10 41 – 42

Abide or Die. Setting a daily time to be with God is vital. Graham states he wishes he would have preached less and prayed more.

You need to be in his Word. You will produce more fruit. Joy replaces mourning. A deep sense of awe. Acts 2 43 – 47

Abiding in Jesus. When you do not people’s needs go unmet. A life give relationship.

Where is an area where you do not trust Jesus?

If you want real fruit you have to listen to Jesus.

John 15 : 4

Sin separates us from God. Jesus Christ is our provision for our paid ransom. We are just a target if we do not get connected.

Honorable Ozburn’s Lecture

1 John 3 1 – 9

God and his Word abiding us us – living ongoing process. The Spirit is anointing us.

Fruit you have produced when our works are judged. If you knew Jesus was coming would you live your life differently?

All have sinned.

1 John 1 -8

Romans 3 – 23 5 21

Psalm 14 2-3

The devil has sinned since the beginning of time. We are God’s children and have been adopted by him. When he returns we will be like him. What will we be like? Phil Ch 3 v 17 – 21 Paul h 4 v 1.

God is their belly. Our citizenship is in leave.

Hurts, Disease, Death. We will have a lively body according to his body in the Lord.

Surrendering your life to God.

v 18, 19

Worldly – Glories in their shame.

This life is a blip this is not home.

Eagerly wait for the Jesus Christ. Ashes to Ashes Dust to Dust.

Who will transform our lowly body to his glorious body? After he arose the resurrected body He was on earth for 40 additional days with his disciples and he had the scars to prove his wounds.

As we are in heaven he will keep his scars and appear to us.

He had been fishing along with the disciples fishing and Jesus was on the shore where he was cooking during the 40 days.

Revelation Where all the kingdoms are gathered there in heaven we will keep our earthly features and recognize our bodies will be like his glorious body and restored. Experience pleasure and fulfillment with him.

My Joy and Crown stand fast in the Lord.

Do not get down your reward is coming. The Lion and the Lamb will lie down in place.

Ch 4 : 1 Stand fast for the Lord.

1 John Ch 3 Do not get wrapped up in if I sin am I bad. Habitual lifestyles have no abiding in the Lord. If you abide in the Lord then you will not have the habitual lifestyle of a sinner. He who practices righteousness is righteous. A practice. Regularly.

Your behavior and character will reflect him. If you sin you are the devil. But everybody sins. You have the devil nature he has sinned from the beginning. We inherited sin.

Romans 5 12 – 21

How we inherited our sin nature. v 8 For this purpose he might destroy the works of the devil he came to earth and was manifested to destroy the devil. v 8

1. What did Jesus come to earth to destroy? The works of the Devil. He who sins is of the devil. No one born of God can continue to sin. Christ came to destroy sin.

Sin is the work of the Devil and he tempts people to sin. It is not just the guilt of sin. When you are born again he does not want that to hang over your head. But he came to destroy sin. The enemy is sin.

Ch 3 v 4 Sin is Lawlessness God’s Law and expressed Will is The Bible.

We replace God’s Law with our desires.

Dangerous and Lawlessness. A rebellion against God. Temps us to reject the authority of God wanted to be like God.

Satan wants to nurture and teach us sin. PRIDE is a big issue that Jesus came to serve so that we not be prideful. Examine your heart. You do not need more money, power, influence. Do not let PRIDE take over.

Having an abundant life but not materialistic concerning money. He came not to neutralize it but to destroy it.

Started with Garden of Eden and will end in Paradise.

2. How did Jesus accomplish this?

v 8 The son of God was manifested he came to earth. So that he could leave behind study of his Word. The coming of Jesus and everything he did.

Lived, Died and Arose.

v 9 How was the work of the devil destroyed? You experience a new birth and are born again both are required. New birth and being born again.

God changes us so that we cannot be content with sinning. You change the way you look at God and the way you see Jesus. Overcoming Adam’s sin. It changes YOU!

1 John 1 : 7

But if we walk in the light he is the light we have fellowship and are cleansed of sin. Walk in the Light.

When the lights turned on you see the danger and how Jesus will cleanse you from sin.

Respond to sin the way God does. Now birth light comes and changes you from the inside out.

Removal of the Devil.

The Veil was removed by Christ. The sacrifice had been made. Your conscious will see the light on. You surrender you are no longer rebelling. You must Repent. You must not mistreat people, lie, steal, rebel, nor be full of pride. Confess to God and do not sugar coat it. Growing in Sanctification.

I personally asked Honorable Ozburn about other’s mistreating you and you are to pray for them and to show how you have changed your worldly and materialistic ways. I will continue to pray for my ex husband and my girls as I have been continually mistreated even given there has never been any wrong doing on my behalf as a mother nor as a wife in over 20 years. Never the first question, hint, suggestion, implication nor accusation as to any wrong doing, remiss, neglect or abuse as a mother nor as a wife yet I am still condemned by my ex husband and his family even after given years of abuse from their natural mother and step father that is court and state documented and that Mr. Sasser is fully aware of that led up to the adoption in 1999 where I legally adopted my 3 step daughters during the course of my pregnancy with my youngest daughter who will be 16 in October.

You should reach out to make disciples and daily confess sin.

3. How can you participate in the Victory?

*To be continued at next week’s lecture.

I certainly hope my women’s prison ministry is a part of The Victory for the Lord our Jesus Christ and that my career in the health field continue to be prosperous producing much and great fruits.

Eastridge Community Church exists to make disciples who Love God, Love People, and Reach the World.

I love the church because it teaches me to abide. John 15:5

Busyness is a great enemy of my faith. Luke 10 : 38-42

Causes Distractions

Causes Worry

Jesus calls me to speak and follow him Matthew 6 31 – 33 Luke 10: 38-42

Acts 2 43 – 47

Bottom Line: Abide or Die.

Where do I need to seek and follow Jesus first in my life?

John 15:4

Reading Plans

Monday Revelation 14 14 – 20

Tuesday Revelation 15

Wednesday Revelation 16

Thursday Revelation 17

Friday Revelation 18 1 – 20

Saturday Revelation 18 21 – 19 – 10

Sunday Revelation 19 11 – 21

Join the conversation and commentary about the daily reading by visiting facebook.com/eastridgecc

New Believer? Go to eastridgefamily.org click on the Resources tab and choose the New Believer’s Reading Plan.




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