How can I participate in The Victory?

How can I participate in The Victory?

Self Awareness and Education of your abuse will help you overcome this. Victims of narcissistic abuse often appear uncertain of themselves constantly seeking clarification that they haven’t made a mistake or misheard something. Invisible Scars~Emotional/Verbal Abuse Awareness

The body heals with play

The mind heals with laughter

The spirit heals with joy.

Always leave people better than you found them. Hug the hurt. Kiss the broken. Befriend the lost. Love the lonely.

What was once upon a sweet time “Schneider, Read & LaMalva.”

Speaking the truth even when your voice shakes.

I thoroughly know and realize that I have blogged many times regarding me and my four girls. When you are separated from your children overnight with no just cause ever to be questioned nor presented it makes you weary, tired and sick. It makes you sick to your stomach, it makes you sick mentally, emotionally and physically. It has been 10 years now since August of 2004 of the battery charge against Mr. Sasser that was called into Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office from Northside Hospital by the emergency room staff. I have had much success in the courts from Rockdale to Walton to Newton, The Alcovy Judicial Circuit pertaining to my girls but yet we are still alienated and estranged with no just cause. As I have shared many times there has never been one single question, hint, implication nor accusation as to any wrong doing on my behalf as a mother nor as a wife. No remiss, no neglect, no abuse. Never since the beginning of our divorce process.

I met Mr. Sasser after being laid off from Macy’s from their home office as an administrative assistant at Panola Road and I went to work at a day care center where his three daughter’s that I legally adopted just so happened to attend the day care. That is where we met. Given the many years and terrible cases and record of abuse my girls have suffered by the hands of their natural mother and step father I became to know Schneider, Read & LaMalva. Who I have a great respect for and will forever be indebted to the three men as they have played a significant role as mentor and friend in my life. As I worked on Deputy District Attorney Mr. Richard R. Read’s campaign election after supporting my girls through the District Attorney’s office where we came to know each other I supported and helped him into office working on his campaign and having long talks with him about my girls.

Esquire Mr. LaMalva just so happened to be  a personal attorney of mine through several domestic violence issues  that I endured during the marriage and given further investigation, records, therapy and intervention from the courts and The GA Dept. of Family and Children Services was deemed a domestic violence victim throughout the entire relationship and marriage with an entire file cabinet of over 20 plus years worth of records I intend to use in my memoir for my girls and my son that I will be working on currently up until Spring.

Between Attorney Paul Oeland and Attorney Michael Waldrop they ruined mine and my children’s lively hood and life due to their incompetence. Even Honorable Bills who was Mr. Sasser’s attorney at the time prior to her election in her prepared proposed Opinion gave me custody of our youngest daughter and for Mr. Sasser not to interfere in the relationship of me and my adopted three daughters and for me to continue counseling for being the care give codependent to Mr. Sasser. I have never had addictive diseases as a health problem but have been the caregiver to alcoholics, drug addicts and gamblers to include Mr. Sasser which has been documented in years of therapy records and with the courts and within my authenticated documented medical records.

My children have all suffered extensively in many areas of their life which is their story to tell but their lives changed for the worse with Attorney Paul Oeland and Attorney Michael Waldrop handling the divorce case. Children deserve and need their very own personal attorney during the process of a divorce and custody hearing. I had the honor to have my very own personal attorney during a family issue with me as a a young girl being Honorable Ozburn and he fully investigated the case, cared for me and got me into therapy which my life would have never been successful if it had not been for Honorable Ozburn helping me to graduate high school and go on to work as a day camp counselor at Ridgecrest Baptist Conference Center and then later on to go onto college and graduate the Business/Legal Office Program of study and obtain my Paralegal Certification.

I have worked as a Paralegal, a contract Paralegal, a Leasing Office Manager, Customer Service Manager and now as a nursing assistant a PSA Personal Support Assistant by and through the GA Department of Human Resources. I would not be this successful had it not been for having my very own private and personal attorney that really cared for me and my lively hood and future. He devoted so much time to me along with my aunt and uncle Roxie & Jerry Nunley along with my parent’s Brenda & Mayron Fuller. This is why the talks of Charli Savannah’s Law so that children do not have to be represented by the divorcing attorney’s and that they have their own attorney practicing for them working for the best outcome of and for the child not the divorcing parent’s.


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