What did Jesus come to earth to destroy and how Can we personally participate in “The Victory?”

Eastridge Community exists to make disciples who Love God, Love People, and Reach the World.

What did Jesus come to earth to destroy and how Can we personally participate in “The Victory?”

1 John 3 1-9

1. What did Jesus come to earth to destroy?

Sin. The temptation to sin. Lawlessness. Rebellion against God. Pride.

2. How did Jesus accomplish this?

Coming of Jesus and all he did.

New Birth.

3. How can we personally participate in this “Victory?”

All have sinned

1 John 1:8

Rom 3:23

5 : 21

Psalms 14 2 – 3

Participate in “The Victory.”

1 John 3 8, 9

For this purpose God was manifested because he was born of God.

If you are a habitual sinner you are of the devil.

From the beginning the devil sinned.

Romans 5 12-21

Our nature to sin because we inherited it from Adam.

He sent Jesus and he was manifested to destroy the works of the Devil.

1. The works of the Devil.

He who sins is of the devil. No one born of God sins because he is of God. Christ came to destroy the devils works. When you commit sin that is the work of the devil.

To tempt people to sin.


The Guilt of Sin.

Dangerous for people to come to church not living the life daily while walking with the Lord daily.

Give your life to God. Not just show up at Church.

The key is to go to him everyday and receive Sanctification. Repent and grow more like him.

Be born again not just the guilt of sin but the actual act of sinning. You are guilty of Lawlessness.

The Word – Gods expressed will for us that is expressed in scriptures. Replacing Gods Law with what you want.

Nurture and cultivate the Pride and our Egos.

Jesus was manifested.

By living, dying and rising fro the Dead we receive New Birth.

He changes us so we cannot be content with sinning.

Heart Change

1 John 1 7

If we walk in the light he Jesus prepared we have fellowship with one another and are cleansed of all sins if you walk in the light.

It changes your heart and how you sin.

You receive the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

1 John 1 9

If we confess our sins then he is faithful and just to cleanse us.

You see sin as ugly and vile.

You see Jesus as perfect.

We act different and react different.

Death to Life is in the process.


Jesus came to offer Salvation.

John was writing as he was right next to Christ as his favorite disciple.

You acknowledge you are a sinner.

You cannot overcome it by yourself.

Make Disciples.

Baptism in the name of the Father and the Holy Spirit.

The thief repented on the cross and Jesus said This is the day you will see me in paradise.

An act of obedience to be baptized.

To show your faith and that you are born again.

Infant Baptist / Dedication.

3. How can we personally participate in the Victory of Christy?

1 John 5 4

Saying Jesus Christ is acknowledging he is Messiah.

Of the Devil – Sinning. 1 John 3 8

Child of God 1 John 3 2

Born of God.

New Nature.

New Instinct.

Peter 2nd 1 1 v 2- 4

Partakers of Divine Power.

Diving Nature

Divine is God related.

His seed remains in him.

Sin attacks our relationship.

He created us for fellowship with him.

If you are truly born again you cannot lose your Salvation. You will not lose your Salvation.

1 John 3 10 – 15

A child of God is manifested revealed and made known.

Practice Righteousness.

Love Your Brother – Fellow Believers.

God’s Nature.

Proverbs 15 : 9

Laves those that pursue righteousness.

PRACTICE righteousness.

A doctor practicing is his specialty.

Practice is pursuing righteousness.

But if we practice it everyday, work at it to get better and better. God loves those who pursue it. Practice and pursue.

A work in progress.

Being of the Word. Prayer, Good Fruits, Obey and fall in life, Obey God.

2 Corinthians 5 21

Right with God is righteousness.

To practice what God sees as righteous.

We cannot attain righteousness but we can practice it.

Pray, be in the Word.

Satan may attack and Pride takes over.

Matthew 23

16 times Jesus condemns the Scribes and Pharisees.

Doing deeds of righteousness to appear right in front of God.

There were white washed tombs, they were outwardly righteous while inside dead and full of hypocrisy.

We can be just like the pharisees and become Self – Righteous.

Moralistic and Judgmental of brothers.

Love Your Brother.

Both are essential.

Never be righteous at the expense of love.

Real Love is with fellow believers.

Greatest righteousness and no pride.

1 Jon 3 11

While in the Upper Room Jesus knows he will be arrested and beaten and crucified. John was sitting to the right of him and Judas was exposed.

Jesus is about to leave.

John 13 34-35

Leviticus 19:18 We obtain a New Level.

Moses says Love your neighbor as you love yourself. Jesus takes it to another level of Love. Love one another as I have loved you.

Jesus washed the disciples feet proving to love others as he has loved us.

Next week further study into loving your fellow brother, fellow believer and non believers.

Eastridge Community exists to make disciples who Love God, Love People, and Reach the World.

What’s my Next Step?

Attend church regularly on Sundays.

Connect with others and build relationships.

Serve on a Ministry Team.

Reach the World.

I love the Church because I am challenged to connect.

Bottom Line : Connected Believers change the world.

Action Step

Join a growth group and or serve on a ministry team.

Reading Plans

Monday Revelation 20 1- 10

Tuesday Revelation 20 11 – 15

Wednesday Revelation 21 1- 8

Thursday Revelation 21 9 – 21

Friday Revelation 21 11 22 5

Saturday Revelation 22 6- 21

Sunday Luke 1 1- 25

New Believer?

Go to eastridgefamily.org click on the Resources tab and choose the New Believer’s Reading Plan.

I hope to have the question “Do we love all others?” Even non believers?” Jesus commanded us to love others as he has loved us. And the motto of Eastridge being Eastridge Community exists to make disciples who Love God, Love People, and Reach the World.

I feel strongly that we should love our fellow believer along with the non believer and the stranger. This is hard to do in today’s society but I do try practicing it and always pretty much have.

Being raised in Oxford Baptist Church and going on to work as a day camp counselor at Ridgecrest Baptist Conference Center now known as lifeway that is when I was born again. I have been immersed and baptized twice at Oxford Baptist by Pastor Alan Posey and could not have made it through high school, on to work at Ridgecrest now Life Way nor attend college without Honorable Ozburn and his great devotion to being my personal attorney as a young girl and inspiring me along with Honorable and Professor Costley who was my Paralegal professor at Dekalb Technical College prior to my doing my internship with Esquire Mr. John Strauss, Sr., of the Newton County Public Defender’s Office. Being his very first intern ever. Graduating in 2002 with dual honors from The Business/Legal Office program of study and the Paralegal program receiving my Paralegal certification.

I would always ask myself growing up would this make Honorable Ozburn and Honorable Costley proud of me?

I still do this to this day and even as an adult that have both been great and outstanding mentors in my life.

I look forward to next Sunday’s lecture as I am fascinated by Honorable Ozburns lectures and love of the Lord.

Currently in the process of working on my Women’s Prison Ministry with Newton County Jail. I will hopefully be sharing my testimony very soon at the Jail and leading these ladies into The Victory and the fact that they cam become the Victor if they devote their lives to it and commit to the Lord in the process. Going very often to the Lord in fervent prayer.



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