“Salt and Light to The World” Honorable Samuel D. Ozburn

“Salt and Light to The World” Honorable Samuel D. Ozburn

I asked specifically for prayer today for me, my ex husband and daughter’s and was told to pray. To pray for my ex husband. To pray for my daughter and to turn it over the the Lord and to fervently pray to him for a reunification process giving it over to the Lord praying for all involved.

We spoke of hatred this morning in step study group and the lecture included hatred. As Mr. Sasser has carried an over ten year extended period of hatred for me that has trickled down into my girls lives filling them with lies and hate. As there has never been one single question, hint, suggestion, implication nor accusation against me as a wife nor as  a mother nor any neglect, remiss or abuse on my behalf in 20 plus years Mr. Sasser still carries this hatred for me and continues to alienate me from my daughter even after being told and told time and time again and being advised by the courts on numerous times it is best for us to have an open and loving relationship and for him not to interfere and that family therapy is suggested. Mr. Sasser would never attend family therapy.

So as our discussion went this morning I was enthused by the Judge’s words and lecture.

1 John 3 11-15

vs. 11 Love One Another

Honorable Ozburn spoke of how he wanted us to continue to be growing and maturing in our Christian life and faith. He brought in a hand out Today’s Turning Point with David Jeremiah. No matter how old you are you need to be growing.

Reading the Word of God for yourselves, reading it rather than notes upon it, is the surest way of growing in grace. Drink of the unadulterated milk of the Word of God and not the skim milk.

You have always got maturing to do.

1 John 3 The children of God (true believers) should be practicing righteousness.

He who does not love his brother is not practicing righteousness.

Proverbs 15:9

Fasting. Praying. Being in the Word we can gain righteousness through him.

You should never Love at the expense of righteousness. If you truly love other people the righteousness will come out.

1 John 3 11 – 15

John 13 34, 35

Love One Another as Jesus loved them. This is the New Commandment from Jesus.

Have a personal relationship with God. How we treat others is within the New Commandment. “Loving other’s as Jesus loves us.”

Genesis 4 1- 9

First murder in the bible was Cain killed Able. Do not let your sin overcome you.

Hebrews 11 4 Cain sinned due to  a lack of faith. A lack of Faith and Disobedience. Disobedience led to hatred. Hatred led to action. Which was murder.

Have faith and obedience.

Love in your heart and love for each other.

Lack of Faith  leads to disobedience leads to hatred leads to action leads to murder

Faith and Obedience lead to Love and Actions being love filled.

V. 13, 15 Love being evidence of your new birth.

Did your friends change? Did how you look at how the world changed?

How did it effect you in the World?

Within the body of believers. The Church. Jesus bride. He will return to.

We love the brethren. Whoever hates his brother it is impossible to be in fellowship with the Lord if not in the fellowship with your brother.

“Salt and Light of The World.”

If you hate someone the venom of murder is in your heart.

The Murder Line – You wished someone were dead. Active Hate.

Satan loves division and loves to isolate.

What’s Love?

Biblical Idea ofLaw.

Old Testament – Hebrew

New Testament – Greek (Most Universal)

Greek was the best language to convey. Best Missionary language.

4 Greek words for LOVE.

1. Eros – Sexual Love

2. Storge – Family Love

3. Philia – Brotherly Friendship

4. Agape –  Self – giving Love

Philia is the highest love you can reach without Christ.

1 Samuel Ch 18

Romans 12 10 – 13 Love among believers.

Luke 10 25 – 27 The Good Samaritan

Agape to fellow brethren and non believers.

For further reading

Phil. 2 1- 8

Christ’s Love.




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