Having some Severe Cold & Flu Natural Honey & Lemon Tea

Having some Severe Cold & Flu Natural Honey & Lemon Tea

Having an Upper Respiratory Infection has been no fun. And being and Alpha 1 Antitrypsin Deficiency carrier only worsens the scenario for me and my lungs. I found out in 2000 due to my youngest daughter being ill that we both carry Alpha 1 as well do several other family members. Monday will mark my third week of being ill. I am scheduled to see Emory Pulmonology on Monday at 8:00 and hope to be able to return to work at the end of the week or the following week as they want me to finish up my dose of antibiotics before returning. But I sure have missed my patient’s and working with them. So this is what is served for dinner. Hylands Defend Severe Cold & Flu Natural honey and lemon tea. I have been put on antibiotics, probiotics, Vitamin D, nausea prevention, prednisone and an inhaler all in the last week. I certainly do hope my Pulmonologist has some good answers for me. My oxygen levels are running pretty low just as soon as they remove me from the oxygen. So I hope and pray that this doctor does not just look at me and give me some advice. I want some answers and rightfully so. I have not been this sick since I can ever remember. I want some answers and will find the right Pulmonologist until I get the answers. So many of my friends on facebook suffer from Alpha 1 and I have been a strong advocate for the genetic disease for years now. As it is not contagious it is spread from parent to child. This is what’s for dinner to celebrate my upcoming birthday tomorrow. Me and Ken may find some park to go to or have an ice – cream if I feel up to getting out. The Sun is absolutely beautiful this weekend. We went to get my hot tea and the sun and wind felt so nice upon my face and hair. I have emailed with my Aunt a little and it has comforted me and I have had so many well wishes on facebook. I really and truly appreciate each and everyone of them. I hate that I will be missing Honorable Ozburn’s lecture in the morning but I suppose I will not be going to church. Have not decided 100%. I certainly do not want to get anyone else sick and I am not through with my course of antibiotics. Ken has been a dear to me and taking care of me and my every whim when I have needed him. God shed a great light on both of us I believe by placing us in each other’s lives. I will be working on a nightly devotional and possibly blogging of it here shortly. But thank you all and know that I have read each and every get well wish and taken it completely to heart. Please continue to pray and uplift me as I transition back into work soon and into my new apartment. I have so many wonderful things to look forward to and need to be back to whole health wellness again.




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