Discharged today from Gwinnett Medical for Upper Respiratory Infection

I was hospitalized at Gwinnett Medical Center on Saturday and received treatment of IV Antibiotics and Breathing treatments and getting the flu and pneumonia vaccines I am happy to have the IV removed and discharged and resting. I am an Alpha 1 Antitrpsin Deficiency carrier and have advocated before for Alpha One but it seems to have begun to effect me. I follow up with Pulmonology in a week to determine if I need oxygen while at home or at rest.

I have been truly blessed this past week by my facebook family and friends with all the wonderful, generous and giving get well wishes and birthday wishes. They have kept me uplifted and with a feeling of encouragement. I was diagnosed with Alpha 1 in 2000 and will be continuing to advocate for Alpha One. This article ran a while back and it meant a lot to me.


April SasserWe applaud everyday heroes who have stepped up to declare “Alpha-1 Awareness Starts with Me!” Creating Alpha-1 awareness in your community is one of the most important action you can take to encourage testing and possibly change someone’s life.


April Sasser from Conyers, Georgia is no stranger when it comes to creating awareness in her community. According to Sasser, “I started spreading awareness with Social Media back when MySpace was popular. Now I am active in posting my story, photos and other Alpha-1 related news on both Facebook and on my Alpha-1 Community blog at Covington News. As a peer specialist, I have also spoken about Alpha-1 to over a hundred people. I was diagnosed with Alpha-1 at the age of twenty-eight. Four out of five of my children have Alpha-1 too. Awareness about this condition can help people become diagnosed earlier allowing them to get the support they need. Awareness may also lead to earlier detection, which could save precious lung function. Family history is also important to me. With awareness about this condition, families can better understand where they came from and thus better understand where they are going.”

If you have created awareness by writing a letter, getting a proclamation, talking to a family member, sharing a button, spreading the word on Facebook or other, please e-mail Jonathan Welsh, Advocacy Manager at:jwelsh@alpha1.org so both you and your efforts can be highlighted.

I thank you all for your support, uplifting and encouragement over the last week. So happy to be getting back to being the active, life -living me that has been taken out of me over the last couple of weeks that I am not used to.

Many of my facebook family and friends are Alpha 1 carriers and I have seen them suffer endlessly and I can only hope and pray this is not the beginning for me. I pray the Pulmonologist has good news for me when I see him next. But I will be seeing a Pulmonologist through Gwinnett Medical Center and not Emory Midtown taking into consideration my care and treatment.

I am ready to get back to work with my patient’s and my primary client hopefully towards the end of the week or the first of next week. Missing my work terribly and being close to my client. Thankfully thus far my job has been very caring, concerned and understanding about my illness. I pray they continue to support me.

I have my women’s prison ministry to continue to work on by Spring which is only 40 days away now. I have so much to get back to doing and so much living to be done. Makes me feel very blessed for the good health I do have and the whole health wellness I have pretty much had up until this Upper Respiratory Infection this week but given I have gotten the flu and pneumonia vaccines hopefully I will recover quickly and not have another episode to flare up.

I thank you all for you kindness and support through the past several days.

At discharge Me & Ken had my belated birthday dinner at The Varsity. His first time ever visiting The Varsity. It was a quite and calm dinner. We pretty much had the entire place to ourselves and he enjoyed his “Frosted Orange.” Getting ready to call it a night and wanted to let everyone know I had been discharged and am working now on getting back to work and life and whole health wellness once again over the next week.

As we all ask for prayer, support, encouragement or uplifting I am amazed at all the love, care and concern shown for me this week and please know  do not take a single word or comment for granted and truly rest on the fact that I am thought of and loved dearly.

Hoping your having a wonderful evening and Happy Monday! It is almost over!

My dear friend Mrs. Alecia planted these in her yard today and sent them to me. So pretty and very uplifting! Enjoy.




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