Covington GA is transitioning to Spring saying good-bye to Ole Man Winter

I just happened to be on the Square on Tuesday and out in front of Square Perk Cafe there are Daffodils. I was so excited to see the Daffodils. They looked so pretty. I was the one that looked pretty ran down from being sick. Me and Ken got a few shots of the Daffodils and hopefully this weekends weather will not kill them off. I want to get some more photographs with the Daffodils. I am so happy that the time for transition is upon us. I have had just about all of winter that I can take.  I have been sick for the last nearly 3 weeks and am finally on the mend and ready to get back to work. Missing my patient’s. Being around all the nurses and nurse tech’s have really made me value my job even more so. I love my line of work in the health field and am ready for Spring so me and my patient’s can get outside and enjoy some warmer weather. As we transition into Spring I hope that you find yourself with new adventures awaiting you.

I have so much scheduled from work, to moving into my new apartment to my women’s prison ministry that I plan to get underway here very shortly.

So take a moment and stop and smell the Daffodils! The more you look for beauty the more beauty you will find in everything.

2015-02-10 13.54.51 2015-02-10 13.55.07


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