Signs of Spring are alive and well. With Thanksgiving.

Lying in bed resting focusing on my follow up appointment with Gwinnett Medical Pulmonoogy tomorrow Thursday afternoon. Trying my best to keep a balance between rest and exercise and keeping myself motivated as I have to get back to work just as soon as I can. I imagine the Pulmonologist will check my oxygen levels which had dropped really low the night they admitted me. I still give out of breath really easily and wonder how my oxygen levels are doing? I have so much going on in life right now and not really the time to be sick but it has hit me hard.

I have signed the final paperwork for my new apartment in Covington and will be moving in at some point in March. I also have work to consider and getting back to my patient’s and responsibilities towards my clients. Hoping the Pulmonologist feels I am healthy enough to get back to work just as soon as possible. I am also wanting to work on my women’s prison ministry at Newton County Jail that I have in mind for sharing biblical correspondence along with The Respect Institute correspondence with the ladies.

My dear friend Ken has gotten some wonderful news this week and we are both super excited and thank you all for your uplifting and thoughts of us. Keeping us in mind during your prayer time.

Thank you for all the get well wishes as I try my best to balance rest, exercise and motivation to carry and push forward after being hospitalized. I am praying that assuredly the Pulmonologist will have good news for me tomorrow and be able to answer some of my questions. As another day dawns I wait to discover what the doctor’s orders are. Please continue to keep me in your thoughts as you uplift those you love. The concern and kindness I have received has been wonderful and very caring giving me the motivation to carry on. These flowers here today captured my heart and I could not believe I found a large patch just waiting for me with my name on it. I left it just as I found it and did not pick any of the Daffodils as they were just now getting to bloom good and steady. I did not want to disturb them. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have and take the time to stop and “Make Every Day A Sweet Day!”

daffodils2015beb2 daffodils2015feb



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