A sweet treat for me

A sweet treat seeing as how I had to see the doctor today. The Pulmonologist shared with me that he had already taken my Alpha 1 Antitrypsin blood levels while I was in the hospital but the blood test results are still pending. He wants me to have some PFT’s which are Pulmonary Function Tests done which are being scheduled now and has put me on an inhaler. Q Var. He will be reading the Pulmonary Function Tests along with my Alpha 1 blood levels and then determine what course of action we need to take. I still have a constant state of nausea and vomiting tonight. Perhaps I tried to eat a little too much today but  I was put on a regular diet. I am so ready to be back to “my” life. I am ready to get back to work and trying to do a little more each day motivating me to get back into life. The sun shown bright yesterday and today it was so cold. The weather here in Georgia just does not seem to know what to do. I have missed my birthday this year as I was hospitalized on my birthday. I imagine if I am feeling better we will try and do something either Friday or Saturday to celebrate. Calmly celebrate as I am still not 100%. At home in bed resting at the moment. Took a long nap earlier before going to Dunkin Donuts for a sweet treat for myself since I had to see the doctor today. Came in and began vomiting immediately. I will be resting tonight and can hopefully get some sleep considering I took a several hour nap earlier.

Feeling as if there is something I am supposed to be writing about and am missing. Perhaps just missing life and all my scheduled plans that were already at hand.



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