Birthday love from Mrs. Deb of Merle Norman

Birthday love from Mrs. Deb of Merle Norman

I started my Friday out very early today and was visiting and having coffee with a neighbor before 7:00 a.m. We chatted for a while and then me and Ken went and had breakfast at Square Perk Cafe. The breakfast and coffee were delicious. I heard a voice in the background and knew immediately that it was Honorable Ozburn. He was very polite and we discussed lecture notes from last Sunday’s group that I missed due to being in the hospital at Gwinnett Medical. Me and Ken then even took ourselves a small nap after breakfast on the back couches of the Cafe. Which was frowned upon by one of  the waiters. So we sat up and left our comfortable positions. Even though I have seen countless and endless amounts of people reading books, magazines, on their laptops and tablets and cell phones and relaxing or rather resting on the back couches. We had our breakfast and our brief nap and then headed to Merle Norman where we both had a facial and I had an Express Make Over and Mrs. Deb gave me the sweetest make up bag with hearts and lips in glitter filled with goodies from Merle Norman. What a special treat and surprise. It truly touched my heart. Her going out of her way for my birthday. We then went and visited a friend April who owns a hair salon on the historic Square and I had my hair styled. We visited at The Alley and then we were having a stroll down the sidewalk and I noticed that Ms. June’s lingerie shoppe was open so we stopped in and visited for a while with Ms. June. One of the sweetest ladies ever. Owner of Perfect Fit Lingerie. I introduced her to Ken and we all chatted the rest of the morning away into lunch time. I had a very beautiful time on the historic Square today. And the weather was perfect for getting out for a little while today considering I have spent so much time in bed the past week. Me and Ken then had an early dinner at El Charos Mexican in Covington and then called it a night after that so I could get some rest. I had a wonderfully blessed day today and am extremely happy being me. I faxed in paperwork from my Pulmonology appointment this week and I will hopefully be back to work on Monday. I will speak with my direct supervisor early on Monday and find out for sure when I will be allowed to return to work. Laying around now relaxing with Ken watching television and blogging. Just about to take all my nightly medicines and inhaler and get some rest. We are pretty much going to relax tomorrow. Not sure if we will do anything after spending all day out and about today. Still with a pretty rough cough this evening. Hoping your St. Valentine’s weekend has been just as beautiful as my birthday and St. Valentine’s. Sleeping in tomorrow for certain. Have a wonderful evening.



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