For the love of a small home town with a deep rich history for me

For the love of a small home town with a deep rich history for me

As I have been working on my Covington News blog today it has crossed my mind that I am in very good company. Very good company and it pleases me.

My day yesterday started out at Square Perk Cafe where I am always welcomed to come in and relax and always treated dearly. I heard a voice in the background behind me and knew immediately that it was Honorable Ozburn we spoke of Sunday’s Sermon lecture but I knew within just a few seconds it was his voice. He has left a lasting life legacy on my life being my private attorney as a young girl and playing such an active role in my adult life with me and my own biological daughter. He is to be held in such high regard and I love to hear him lecture on Sunday mornings at Eastridge.

I then made my way to Merle Norman on the Square where Mrs. Deb gave me and Ken facials and I had a make over since I had been since sick and she gave me the loveliest birthday gift I could get. A nice make up bag with lipstick and lips in glitter in black satin that  will always carry with love.

After my make over I headed over to Platinum Hair Gallery to see April who I have known since middle school and ran into Ginger Hilty who is now working with April who I have known now for over twenty years. I had my hair styled for $5.00 at Platinum Hair Gallery for some photography of the day for St. Valentine’s.

Me and Ken then were walking around the Square and stopped in to see Ms. June of Perfect Fit Lingerie whom I have been friends with for over ten years now and is the sweetest and most lovely lady in the Lord that you could ever meet. She always makes me feel welcome and we talk about how our lives have been going. She is in a serious relationship at the moment and considering marriage. I am so happy for her.

We also had a visit with The Alley and Your Sister’s Closet where I always shop off of their $1.00 rack treating myself for only $1.00 for each piece.

My birth and natural families have wished me well for my birthday and cheered me up this week since being sick and I am bound and determined to have a stronger support system in family this year. It is on the top of my list from my birth family to my adoptive family.

Mr. Mayron Fuller of the Fuller Family Farms and of Hy Tec Machining adopted me in 1976 and my Aunt Roxie Nunley sent me a photograph of me, my mom and Dad in Daytona in 1974 so I was only 2 years old. I currently do not have a relationship with my natural birth father. Longing to be closer to my own children and my son is too. We cannot wait for the day we can all share a meal and hold a hand together again. I have done all these small hands can do in the courtroom with much success in The Alcovy Judicial Circuit.

Just in thinking of what good company I am in and my best friend being Mr. Mark Burton of Covington Mrs. Mayor Allene Capes Burton son. He is a treasure to me and I love him dearly!

Appears as though I have made great decisions over the last ten years and kept myself in very good company and among the finest of the finest of Newton County. I will be moving to a mile from the Historic Square within a couple of weeks and will be able to spend even more time on the Historic Square.

If you do not frequent the Square make it a plan.

Me and Ken have great news to share. Ken has a contract on a house to move in on March 2nd and will only be about 2 miles from me and we are both about a mile from the Square. It is great news. The best we could have ever both prayed for.

If you have crossed my life’s path  thank you for sharing in my life over the last 40 plus years in Covington and Conyers. Performing my internship for Esquire Mr. John Strauss Sr., at The Newton County Public Defender’s office in 2002. His very first intern and my entire education from private kindergarten at The Little Red School House to College at Dekalb Technical College where Honorable Costley became my Paralegal adviser after serving as judge with Honorable Ozburn as my attorney in family law court as a young girl. Both men being a very huge part of my life and revered with great immense respect.

Working on my fourth year at The Covington News as a full time blogger and will be planning more photography and walks this Spring as I will be just a sidewalk away.

Thank you for sharing in my life and being a continued reader and follower of mine. Having big shoes to fill but feeling as though I have arrived working in the health field with the physically and mentally challenged on my way to obtaining my Certified Peer Specialist Certification through the Georgia Mental Health Consumer Network and a graduate of The Respect Institute.

Planning on working on a women’s prison ministry at The Newton County Jail sharing The Respect Institute and biblical correspondence with the ladies this Spring.

Resting today after being discharged from Gwinnett Medical for several days. Catching up on my blogging and remaining peaceful.

May your St. Valentine’s be kind, gentle and loving.


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