My Mammy. This is my maternal Great Grandmother.

My Mammy. This is my maternal Great Grandmother.

I was scrolling through my time line on facebook this evening when a cousin of mine had posted a photograph where the lady was called “Mammy.” I asked him how she was related to my grandmother Dora and to my surprise and amazement it is my great – grandmother My mother had always called her “Mammy” so I felt in my heart it was her. I have never seen her before or any photographs of her. I have only heard what a sweet and gentle woman she was to my mother and that she had long flowing white hair that my mother would brush for her. My grandmother Dora looks so much like her. This is my maternal side of the family.

Her name was Sally.

My mother was  a Chriswell and divorced my natural father when I was a toddler. My Aunt recently sent me a photograph of me, my mother Brenda Fuller deceased of The Atlanta Veterans Administration Hospital and Mr. Mayron Fuller of the Fuller Family Farms at Almon Road and Old Atlanta Highway and Hy Tec Machining and Nunley Machining. I was two years old in Daytona with them. I know I was adopted in 1976 but had clearly been with my adoptive father since infancy given the photograph on the beach at Daytona.

I struggle with having a strong support system from my birth family and from my adoptive family especially since both my parent’s have passed away. I miss them terribly and always want to reach out to share with them my dreams, feelings, aspirations and achieved goals but cannot. They were both very young when they passed on.

My new apartment in Covington will be just right next door to my father’s old machining business and I know he will be on my heart and mind as I pass it day in and day out. I hope I can remain calm and remember all the great memories and not have any stress over being so close to his shop.

I have asked for this photograph of my “Mammy” in its original format of Black & White only so that I may print it and display it in my apartment. Hopefully the source of the photograph from Facebook has the original Black & White only.

As I sit here having breakfast and coffee in the wee morning hours with Ken I am studying over the “Word.” And prepping myself for the lecture at church. I was determined to go today even though I missed last Sunday due to being hospitalized last week on my birthday. But I sure did miss the Study Group and Lecture with Honorable Ozburn last week. His lectures seem to keep me grounded and taking notes of the lecture and sharing it brings me much peace and serenity and healing energy.

As Honorable Ozburn served as my personal family law attorney as a young girl and has also met with my daughter in his chambers. The Alcovy Judicial Circuit has done all they can do to try and ensure an open full and loving relationship with my daughter with therapy ordered and family therapy encouraged and for Mr. Sasser not to interfere in our contact or correspondence. Even though he still remains in contempt of court and for no reason other than hate and revenge keeps my daughter from me as there has NEVER been the first question as to any wrongdoing as a mother nor a wife to Mr. Sasser. Not the first question, hint, suggestion, implication nor accusation at all. Not ever in 20 plus years. He still insists even with all the success I have had in The Alcovy Judicial Circuit Juvenile and Superior Courts to alienate me from my youngest daughter but she will be 16 this year and the courts have done all they can do at this point of which I am very proud of the open authenticated documented record. But given Honorable Ozburn has done all he can to ensure our reunification process and open loving relationship I have decided to once again begin attending Eastridge as I love it there but had stopped going during the court proceedings as my own personal decision to avoid any conflict at the time. So I have been in attendance at Eastridge once again for several weeks now and have really felt at home and welcomed and love the lectures in group study with Honorable Ozburn giving the lecture.

I will hopefully get the Black & White of my great – grandmother soon. But here she is for now in this matted St. Valentine’s frame from facebook.I would be honored to favor my great grandmother as much as I do my grandmother in my old age. I wish you could see her long flowing white hair in this photo here. My mother used to tell me she always wore it in a bun and that my mother loved it.

Family is very important to me but a very sticky situation for me due to being adopted and my adoptive father being deceased and my natural father not putting forth any efforts to be a part of my life. These people truly do not get what family is all about. Clearly why my mother left while I was very young. Probably the best thing that could have ever happened to me. Finishing up my Pancakes now and reading more of my last lecture notes from church. My “Mammy.”



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