As the mask comes off

Welcoming Ash Wednesday and as the mask comes off I find myself grateful to be in such good company in my life. I have several endeavors going on right now that include a women’s prison ministry at Newton County Jail to include The Respect Institute that I am a graduate of along with the biblical inspiration that they so need. With Ash Wednesday signaling the beginning of everyone preparing for Easter I find myself with a new patient that has suffered a brain tumor that I will be working closely with beginning this weekend. I have been truly blessed with a great career in the health field and plan to continue with my aspiration of obtaining my CPS Certified Peer Specialist Certification.

Will you please take your mask off with me this season and join me in a season of Thanksgiving and love for humanity. Humanity needs your nakedness and love. So as I continue to share my life I hope to touch you. Thank you for being a part of my life and sharing in all that I do and in all my successes.

I am so happy to be back on the road to whole health. After being sick with an Upper Respiratory Infection it really had me down. I am much better now and getting back to life. I am looking forward to this weekend in meeting my new patient that I will be working closely with and providing companionship to. I am hoping that he will like the fact that I plan to read to him. I will take several books and see which suits him best.

I am as well planning a move to Covington in the very near future. Should be over the next couple of weeks. Working on a move in date but all the finalizing paperwork has been signed and I will be just a short distance from the historic Square that I love so well. With two sidewalks that lead directly to the Square I will be doing a lot of walking these sidewalks come this Spring and Summer.

So as I usually live my life “Off comes the Mask.”



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