The Doctor’s office has me on pins and needles

The Doctor’s office has me on pins and needles

This is so scary and unnerving having to wait until morning to see the doctor. I ask for your prayer tonight for me emotionally, physically and for my career. So  as I posted earlier I spoke with the doctor’s office and they informed me that the doctor wanted to see me asap so I scheduled an appointment for in the morning to see the Pulmonologist. I sat all afternoon worried and scared to death over what the doctor may want to discuss with me and so I decided to call back around 4:45 and speak to the nurse to see if this was something she could tell me over the phone and she spoke with the doctor and he said that he would prefer to meet with me in person and that there were additional tests in addition to The Pulmonary Function Tests that would have to be discussed and performed so he would prefer to go over the results of the tests and my labwork in person just as soon as possible. My appointment in scheduled for early in the morning. Thank you to all those who have given me support this afternoon. Being a carrier of Alpha 1 Antitrypsin Deficiency has posed and caused some serious issues for me this month. Emotionally, physically and financially. Being a carrier has never really effected me until now so I am very scared indeed about all the upcoming tests and what my labwork showed. Praying this evening that the Lord hears and sees me and comforts me until I can get through tomorrow morning as peaceably as possible. Prayerfully.


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