Hoping for happier days ahead. Meet Shelvie Jean of Downtown Covington, GA

February has not been a good month to me. I have been sick for nearly the entire month now and have been under a doctor’s care and hospitalized. Now the doctor wants to see me in his office in the morning. Tuesday morning to discuss some test results and have discussion of further testing that is needed. I already know I am scheduled to have Pulmonary Function Tests performed so I am not exactly sure what he wants to discuss with me and it is so unnerving not knowing. Wide awake in these wee hours ready for the world to wake up so I can get to the doctor’s office and put this behind me. Knowing there will be further testing but wanting so much to get back to my life.

Ken took this photo following the Newton County Health Expo in Downtown Covington with me in my scrubs. My scrubs for my career in the health field. A career that has been put on hold due to my being ill. I have been released by the doctor to return to work and have worked a little but nothing substantial that I am used to working. Very prayerful that my schedule picks back up just as soon as possible. As I have been so proud of working in the health field I hope that now that I have been released by my doctor to return to work that my scheduled client’s pick up very soon so as to get my life back on track with some normalcy and a head in the right direction.

I am a carrier of Apha 1 Antitrypsin Deficiency and have never really had any problems with being a carrier of the disease but I do know that one of the blood tests that was pending was my Alpha 1 blood levels test so that is more than likely what the doctor is wanting to discuss. I will find out in the morning which cannot come soon enough. I will then have The Pulmonary Function Tests performed at Newton Medical Center. It is being scheduled right now so I am not certain just yet as to when. I will hopefully find out in the morning. I was planning on having the tests done at Rockdale Hospital as it is closest to me but Rockdale Hospital does not perform Pulmonary Function Tests and the only way I now know that Newton Medical can do it is I discussed the tests with a hospital employee at The Health Expo this past weekend and found out that Newton Medical could perform the tests for me. Very happy that I can have these tests performed locally and not have to travel into Atlanta. Hoping whatever other or additional tests the doctor wants done can also be done at Newton Medical Center.

I have never really had any trouble with Alpha 1 until this past month. I feel much better but still have lingering health questions being pursued by the Pulmonologist. I want to not only look but be as healthy as I look here and as happy in my career and life. Please keep me in thought and prayer as I try my best to get through the beginning of the month of March and back to my career and patients. Working this past weekend was wondrous for my soul and I am super excited over my new client that I will be attending to on the weekends for a few hours. A very nice family indeed and I am honored to be his personal support assistant.

I have the loveliest hometown ever and just loved this window dressing with the Lemonade Stand at Shelvie Jean on the historic Square. Praying that I continue to feel well and get back to the normalcy that I am accustomed to in my life and career.

Feeling much better and really appreciating all the love, support and care shown for me as there have been many to send me get well wishes and to encourage me which has kept me strong and uplifted. I appreciate each and every one of you and thank you from the bottom of my heart. Glad that the Upper Respiratory Infection has healed and I have been released to get back to my career. Now to get these couple of additional tests done the doctor wants performed and prayerfully hoping that it goes smoothly and quickly.

My little hometown has the best window dressings ever. I could window shop for hours. They are always so pretty and updated with the corresponding holiday. Shelvie Jean has been getting ready for Spring. Now with their lemonade stand window dressing blessing the Square and its customers. I really fell in love with their window dressing as I past it on the Square. I had to have a seat and enjoy the window shopping. Ken, my boyfriend snapped the photograph for me as I was taking in the window dressing. Such a lovely window Shelvie Jean.

Thinking about my dear best friend Mark and happier days ahead. Praying to continue to bear good fruit as I  have for many months now. Leaning on the Lord’s great and infinite wisdom that he will take care of and comfort me during this time of need and that prayer is truly powerful as I have many that have been praying for me that I truly appreciate.

I will be doing some more window shopping on the  historic Square as all the stores prepare for Spring and for Easter. Showing off my hometown of Covington, GA is one my very pride and joy. It brings me great happiness. I have found out that Southern Heartland Art Gallery has FREE classes on Friday mornings and I am hoping to be free during the hours of the FREE Art classes on Friday mornings. Hoping to be able to participate in the Art classes being offered and try my hand at Art at the infamous Southern Heartland Art Gallery.

I will find out early in the morning what the doctor needs to discuss with me and will let everyone know but wanted to take a moment to thank everybody for being there for me during the month of February. In fervent prayer that March will treat me better and I will be able to get back on a regular normal schedule. Thank you so much if you have sent get well wishes as they have all touched my heart.

Meet Shelvie Jean in Downtown Covington.




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