My last memory before the wreckage.

Certainly not the blog I expected to be writing a couple of days ago while traveling through Illinois and Kentucky. A blog unlike any other. Me and my boyfriend Ken were in a horrific auto accident in Tennessee and had a camper that overturned on us. While traveling through Tennessee early in the a.m. I was sound asleep and according to Ken a transfer truck came by a little to fast and caused him to lose control of the camper and once he did he then proceeded to lose control of the truck. We went all the way across both lanes of traffic and ended up backwards facing oncoming traffic up against the guard rail in the pitch black dark morning. It was most certainly one of the worst experiences of my life and the most interesting at that. Saved by a miracle and miracle only.

I was sound asleep and awoke to glancing out the back window of the truck where all the glass was shattered and the window had been busted out but no glass was in the cab of the truck. It must have gone into the back of the truck. With the camper overturned and trying to see in the dark. I tried waking Ken up and he was knocked unresponsive and unconscious at the time. He was breathing but could not respond to me at all. Another transfer truck came along over the hill in the dark and hit the camper. At that point I got really super scared that we would be hit head on in the dark facing the oncoming traffic. I had no idea what exit marker we were at and knew I had to get Ken out of the truck. I ran up the grass median to get the exit name and came running back as quickly as I could calling 911 on my way back with the 911 Operator telling me that the accident had been called in and help was on the way. I knew for sure I had to get back to the truck and get Ken out even though we had been in an accident I was fearful someone would hit the truck and kill him. I got back to the truck and once again attempted to revive him with no success. Along came a couple more transfer trucks that actually stopped and stopped the flow of traffic. Shortly after that help arrived. Both sides of the expressway were closed off and the camper and truck were picked up by Tow truck as Ken was in triage with the ambulance driver and EMT staff. No blood at all was shed but I was very scared. I woke up so peacefully though with the ability and energy to help Ken. And all without a scratch. I felt though as someone had smacked me really hard in the face. Ken later told me that my side of the truck hit the guardrail and there was a point of impact to my side of the truck. I have felt as though someone hit me really hard in the face and with a headache but no bumps, bruises or scratches and prayerfully everything is okay with me as I have been helping Ken and worried sick about his CT Scan and full body MRI.

Ken can discuss the injuries he sustained at his facebook or wordpress account once he feels up to sharing. No blood shed, no bumps, bruises, cuts or scratches but he has sustained injury. As I write my blog on the 2nd floor of the Vanderbilt University Hospital I feel so overwhelmed and calmed at the same time. The accident keeps playing over and over in my mind and the fact that I cannot believe we both walked away alive along with our passengers with no blood shed, bumps, bruises or scratches either for that matter. We were all basically fine and in tact.

Ken was only traveling about 45 miles per hour and the truck nearly ran him off the road at the point he lost control of the camper and then the truck. Once we arrived at Murray Hospital they transferred him by ambulance to Nashville to  a trauma center at Vanderbilt. Where he has gotten treatment and been told of his sustained injuries that will need follow up with several other doctors over the next week.

Very thankful for the miraculous experience that I had come over me giving me the strength and energy to get hold of the situation and wreckage and take care of Ken. The only will that drove me was the will of the Lord. The strength had to come from the heavens. From high up above from the Trinity as I prayed fervently for my strength and Ken to wake up or for help to arrive quickly and for no injuries or blood shed. I just woke up so peacefully and do not have any memory of the wreck itself other than waking up to the wreckage.

We were helping a friend move her son and brother to Florida and had traveled from Indiana through Kentucky and into Tennessee heading to Alabama and from there onto Florida to drop them and the camper off. As it turns out we never made it to Birmingham.

When Ken left the scene by ambulance we were with the officer giving him all our I D’s and background recollection of the accident. A patrol car then drove us to the emergency room where Ken was. When I finally got to him he was worried sick about us and in tears to see me and to know that we were all okay with no injuries. He was in tears for all of us and had been worried sick about us. I told him we were all fine and not to cry or be upset at a time like that and that he needed his strength.

I thought I would only be writing a blog about my travels to Kentucky as a young girl visiting my uncle’s family in Kentucky many times while growing up as I lived with them.

My aunt and uncle filed for custody of me as a young teenager with the Honorable Samuel Ozburn representing me as my personal and private family law attorney at the time and once my aunt and uncle gained custody of me I was forever visiting Kentucky with them to visit with my uncle’s family. I have such wonderful memories of Kentucky from a young girls memories and prayed as we stopped in Paducah for my family and me and my loved ones and friends and mentors that had crossed my life’s and journey’s path. Having it touch me like no other time ever and being in prayer calling upon the Lord saved our lives consequently. According to Ken at one point the truck was air borne and he could not believe it did not overturn too along with the camper.

We are now waiting at the hospital for a friend to pick us  up as we have been stranded in Nashville with no way home. As of this moment she is on her way so hopefully by the afternoon we will be on the road home back to Georgia.

I do not remember or recall the point of impact but the wreckage and accident and debris and such continue to run and play over and over in my mind. There were so many factors that played a role into the fact that none of should have walked away alive. I owe it all to the Lord and give him all the credit for saving and sparing our lives. His will and purpose being done so that we may see another day.

Panicking after the fact with the anxiety killing me. I have calmed down for the most part and just keep telling myself the wreck is over and for the most part everyone is fine with no blood shed, bumps or bruises.

The last thing I remember is going through Kentucky and stopping to gas up and getting a couple of photographs of the beautiful bridge we crossed over in Kentucky and being in prayer for my life, loved ones and mentors as I had grown up. Without a doubt the Lord showed up and I will hopefully be sharing my story at Celebrate Recovery as a testament and testimony to the power of prayer and the Lord’s will.

I will be taking care of Ken over his healing period and want to thank everyone for their outpouring of concern and love. It is greatly appreciated and never taken for granted. As I watch him resting I pray he will be just fine even though I do have a fear of getting back into a  car. Needing your prayer for my continued strength, courage and will to carry on without panic, stress or anxiety settling in as I have others, Ken and a career to continue with and take care of. Prayerfully, April

My last memory.



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