Serving a Risen Savior

Being damned by man ten years ago. God was not standing for it. The word became flesh for me. God has provided so many wonderful things for my life. Many wins to our full behalf in open court in Rockdale County and The Alcovy Judicial Circuit. He has provided a roof over my head and food on my table. Providing many great mentors that have crossed my life’s path over the last ten years even some reappearing from my younger years. The Lord has provided an amazing career for me as a nursing assistant over the last year of my life. I am still in process of applying to the State of Georgia for my CPS Certified Peer Specialist certification but have an amazing career for the moment. I will be working towards a Dr. office position or Emergency Room position or with Urgent Care in the very near future. Broadening my horizons as I have prayed the Prayer of Jabez. Being very fortunate to serve the physically and mentally challenged along with the elderly. God has truly blessed my life even given man tried damning my life. I have been most prosperous and bore great fruits over the last ten years. Now being a Ministry Partner and baptized as an adult at Eastridge Community Church I now have an awesome church family to support me that all have shown great love and concern for me and Ken.

This Easter will be a little different for me as I will be working from tonight at 9:00 until Sunday night at 9:00. A 24 hour work schedule in Conyers. My 2nd nursing assistant position I have picked up to add to my Resume. Thrilled and delighted to be serving in the health field.

As I watched the video at church about Jesus beating and crucifixion I cried and cried and wept given his great anguish and pain and suffering. Thanking him for being the human flesh, the Word in the Flesh that came to die for my sins on the Cross. It was a very moving and inspirational service as we all had rocks underneath our seats and it represented our sin. At the end of the Good Friday service we took Communion and released the rocks (our sin) into a pot of water forevermore to walk with Jesus. The risen Savior. As you are celebrating Easter in the morning I pray for your peace of heart and mind and love in abundance with your family, your Lord or even alone with your Bible as a guide leading you closer to the Lord and this giving season of Spring. This holy week has been a true blessing for me and I pray you are blessed as well.

With my new Neon Green lab coat from my employer (not truly my color) but I am so proud to wear it and call it mine. Another step in the right direction in the health field to mental therapy and recovery. May your Easter Eve be full of new choices, new life and new visions for a more prosperous life. I’d love for you to join me at Eastridge Community Church and at Celebrate Recovery on Thursday nights.

I give great and many thanks for all my blessings today despite the damning hands of man over the last ten years. Thank you Lord for not hearing of it and for continuing to bless me abundantly. In fervent prayer for my children and grandchildren that they will have life more abundantly.

Wonderful Easter Blessings my friend as you serve a Risen Savior.




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