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We did this together. Me and my patient. Took photographs of his garden and lake area behind his house. He spotted this fisherman in the lake. I would take the photographs and then climbed into the recliner next to his bed side and show him up close and personal the photos and then now I have emailed them to his wife to print out for him. The photographs are posted here and at my Covington News blog.

The duck, geese, birds, flowers and fisherman are simply wonderful and wondrous.

Being a Codependent caregiver to Mr. Sasser as has been recorded in open court documents has been a long road of recovery. I have never had drugs nor alcohol in my history or forensic medical records but rather have been the Codependent caregiver to Mr. Sasser’s bad habits. The document prepared by Honorable Nancy Bills may be viewed here at my WordPress blog. I have taken many classes and training programs and read many books on recovery from Codependency which has been a long haul but I have never involved myself with another individual with the same bad habits that nearly killed me and took my life and raped me over the coals. Including my children. My kids. Kids having kids. And for Mr. Sasser to sign for them to abandon any type of formal education truly annoys me but is the truth of the matter and evidently the girls nor Mr. Sasser understand the importance of an education and a career.

Going from having your girls visit you each and everyday and having custody of your baby girl to not ever seeing them again is a hard knot to swallow. Especially given the abuse was properly reported by Northside Hospital to The Rockdale County Sherifff’s Department yet no attorney involved in the matter bothered to help me nor my children through the documented family abuse and kidnapping of my girls by throwing them in the back seat of a car by my father in law. I have never really spoken of the detailed specifics of mine and Mr. Sassser’s relationship other than what is documented through the Sheriff’s Department, District Attorney’s office, or open Superior Court. I always have a formal document to accompany my facts of being a family violence victim and alienated from four girls when everything was just fine for over ten years.

Having my career in the health field has been a beauty and I plan to continue in the health field and ask you to join me here for the requirements of the Certified Peer Specialist that I have shared numerous times now to include having a diagnosis of a mental illness or addictive diseases. I now desire to work in an emergency room or doctor’s office and/or with The Georgia Mental Health Consumer Network which I will be working towards this Spring and Summer.

I have gotten the news that I will be moving into my brand new apartment community on Friday May 8th in Downtown Covington and I am super excited that I will be living only a mile from the historic Square. Surrounded by all my favorite places and my very favorite four corners of the world. The historic Square. Where I have a long history since adoption as an infant to my Paralegal degree and employment with Esquire Mr. John Strauss, Sr at The Newton County Public Defender’s Office in Newton County being his very first intern.

Please look forward to your home warming invitation coming up very soon and please join me at my new apartment. I cannot wait to show it off! So very pleased with my upcoming move back to Covington and to only be living a couple of miles from Ken too. Super excited with my career and my upcoming move. DSCF1273


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