Irreconcilable Differences

For a divorce that was based “solely” on irreconcilable differences and nothing more. No neglect, remiss or abuse as a mother nor as a wife my circumstance sure did turn into one big sticky mess for no justified reasoning. As there has never been any wrong doing on my behalf as a mother nor as a wife. Not one single hint, question, suggestion, implication nor accusation from anyone in this State of GA. But Mr. Sasser still remains in contempt of Court and refuses to follow the Court’s Order, Opinions and Wishes set forth many times to present. I can only begin to imagine what stories, excuses and lies have been told to and shared with my four girls over the last ten years. For a divorce that was only based “solely” on irreconcilable differences. I have been raped over the coals and so have my children by this State due to the divorce and family violence that I suffered and the documented Codependency counseling I took recorded by Mr. Sasser’s attorney Honorable Nancy Bills as everyone involved knew I was a caregiver Codependent to Mr. Sasser’s bad habits. Which is fully documented in forensic medical records and court documentation.

Honorable Nation, Honorable Rhymer and Honorable Ozburn handling the majority of the court hearings have left a special place in my heart over the last ten years. Honorable Ozburn just happened to be my private attorney as a juvenile during family issues of my own as a young teenager. I have known him since being a young girl and have truly lived my life to honor and make him proud of me.

I have been attending Eastridge Community Church for some time now. And for a while quit going and attending as Honorable Ozburn was handling the custody and visitation hearings pertaining to my youngest daughter but I have once again began attending his lectures on Sunday mornings and have gained a wealth of knowledge and a lot of Christian love from his classes. I have not been able to attend the last several weeks as I have been working a 24 hour shift on the weekends as a nursing assistant but I will get back and very soon. I so miss his lectures.

Hoping that my nursing assistant position turns into work with The GA Mental Health Consumer Network and praying fervently that my girls will one day grow to understand all the advocacy for them over the last 20 plus years. Not only my own biological daughter but what began over twenty years ago and with adopting them in 1999. Praying that me and my son Tyler can grow closer to my girls in the very near future as he misses them dearly too. As I have never been separated from Tyler I have seen his pain and anguish in missing his sisters as well.

Having an enjoyable evening at Square Perk cafe with Mary and Kellye and Kellye picked up mine and Ken’s tab. So very generous for her to think of us. We had coke and coffee but can use the few dollars for gas money this week. So thank you so very much Kellye. I love you dearly and appreciate our prayer life together especially during the time of my divorce when I was falling apart and you lovingly held me in the Sanctuary keeping me alive and holding onto life even given my estrangement from my girls that was killing me inside.

Making it one day at a time. Hoping that Mr. Sasser will one day realize the importance of the Court’s Order’s, Opinions and Wishes and that they are in fact in the best interest for my girls and me and all of us as Honorable Ozburn has suggested numerous times.

Prayerful for Mr. Sasser



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