Battling with Ovarian Cysts (again)

Battling over the last month with Ovarian cysts on both ovaries. Cramping, Nausea, Vomiting, Low grade fever, dehydration with 3 bags of fluids over the last week with Antibiotics.

Hoping for some medication to shrink the cysts or either out patient day surgery to have them both removed so that I may get completely 100% back to my life. Thank you all for your kind concern and uplifting. Not going to allow this to get me down. Needing to have this taken care of and get onto recovery.

Still working but needing to be on bed rest according to my gynecologist for a few days.

Been awake nearly all night very sick with cramping and vomiting even after nausea medication and morphine at the Emergency Room yesterday evening. Going to try and get a little rest again if I can lay still enough to get some rest in. Have a wonderful Sunday morning. Needing to get in plenty of fluids today as I have had 3 bags of fluids over the last week due to dehydration. Hoping for some rest and calm.


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