As She Paces

It has been a well known fact for over ten years now. Many judges involved and all knowing. Many therapists involved and all knowing. The editor of The Covington News​ being made aware and all my contacts through View Point Health and my employers all well and knowing but this month will be my first speaking engagement ever on the matter or to ever write of the issue for that matter in over ten years now. I suffered through a trauma unlike any other just short of the hell of being alienated from my four girls and during this trauma in my life my mother passed away and I was unable to attend her service or any services held by The Veterans Administration Hospital Chapel. This will be my first ever blogging or speaking openly about the trauma and I am somewhat scared but know that it is time and it shows my strength, endurance and character built. Journaling for my upcoming speaking engagement in May preparing to speak on the matter and needing prayer. The 3 empty chairs have great significance in my life representing 3 humans 1 including myself that I desperately need to talk to. Missing my mother’s funeral services has haunted me for years and I plan to speak on this trauma at my speaking engagement coming up in May demonstrating strength, character and the sheer power of the human will in life.

The situation being a very fragile one must be approached and dealt with as such. Gently.



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