The new “Keys!”

I got the keys today to my brand new apartment in Downtown historic Covington. I will now be living permanently in Covington. My hometown. I am so very proud to be back in town.

On my mind is my speaking engagement for View Point Health for the Leadership Training Academy on May 26th.

I have had many thoughts run through my mind on what to share of my story with the community and View Point Health. I am hoping to get across the points of strength, stability, endurance, perseverance, accountability and faith.

For the last 20 plus years my life has pretty much been under a microscope from the point of meeting my ex husband and adopting his three daughters in the 90’s and now the advocacy regarding my own biological daughter and the parental alienation I have dealt with, struggled with and suffered from due to family violence and recovery from mental illness in 2004. I have blogged numerous times regarding the requirements of becoming a Certified Peer Specialist including having a mental diagnosis. It is beyond me why in the world me and my children were raped over the coals, forgotten about, ruined and estranged from one another over night.

To go from being very happy mother and daughter’s to losing each other overnight has truly been traumatizing for me and a heartache for them as it has truly affected their lives and what was their bright futures at one time when I was raising them that never came to pass.

I will surely speak of my mother with May being Mother’s Day and me missing her funeral services when she passed away was a devastating for me. I was able to attend her funeral services or her service from the Veteran’s Administration Hospital chapel. I will speak more of missing her funeral and passing services in my open speaking engagement in May. I have never really discussed this issue online or blogged of it or spoken of it openly.

Even given many Judges, therapists, the Editor of The Covington News and all employers have been made fully aware along with View Point Health I have chosen because of how fragile the issue is I have not discussed it. Not only fragile regarding my heart and life but another parties as well as it is a very fragile issue and I have not ever approached it online or on social media but will be speaking of it during my open public speaking engagement at the end of the month.

I have not mentioned all of this on social media but do plan to speak of it openly at my speaking engagement and begin to blog of the issue once I speak at my speaking engagement for View Point Health about my strength during adversity, perseverance, accountability and faith which has led me all along my way without missing a single beat. Thank the Lord, luckily.

Enjoying my evening with Ken and William. More on The new “Keys” to come.

Enjoy your weekend!



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