Anyone can find the dirt in someone. Be the one that finds the gold. Proverbs 11:27

Anyone can find the dirt in someone. Be the one that finds the gold. Proverbs 11:27

As I find myself searching for the “gold” in a recent circumstance that I was involved with and discriminated against I am longing to find the beauty and gold in the situation and learning and growing from it as opposed to being upset or mad. Hurt and pained and it has left me uncertain as to my support system if any at this point. I was awake during the wee hours of the morning working on a blog as blogging and writing is very therapeutic for me and helps me to express myself and to release the stress and strain from a bad experience. Trying my best to put things into perspective and learn and grow from the experience.

Up during these wee morning hours currently pulled out and reading “Mentoring” Confidence in finding a mentor and becoming one. Bob Biehl “Mentoring” “The development of a person was a way of life between the generations. It was to human relationships what breathing is to the body.” Some important key factors I am hitting on this morning include 1. Honest with you. 2. A model for you 3. Deeply committed to you 4. Open and transparent 5. A teacher 6. One who believes in your potential 7. One who can help you define your dream and a plan to turn your dream into a realtiy 8. Successful in your eyes 9. Be open to learning from you as well asteaching you 10. Willingness to stay primarily on your agenda not her/his own. Wanting to educate myself more on what exactly a “leader” or “mentor” is I am also going to pull out a book on bridging the gap between the elderly and the young. “Wisdom meets Passion” When Generations collide and collaborate. A solid comprehensive plan for attacking your life and career goals. It goes on to say that people often become paralyzed by their failures. For example in my life in the past why is someone elses word greater or better than mine? Another party I have never even had the pleasure of meeting. Not once but yet there word against mine determined the next year of my life and a very traumatic experiene. So feeling paraliyzed by this failure of someone elses word being greater than mine has left me with less than complete equality. Due to the fragile nature of both parties and their set of circumstances I have not ever spoken of this word against mine on “social media.” But it did leave me paralyzed with failure.”Wisdom meets Passion”I am of the belief that everything that happens to us is either good or a path to achieving something good through the lessons learned. It’s our choice. We can be paralyzed or defeated from these instances, orwe can choose to dissect them, analyze them, and create a new system or practice that reflects the lessons learned. Dan Miller/Jared AngazaHoping for the rest of the week to read about leadership and mentoring and truly come to know what “leadership” truly is. Having been offered and asked for the opportunity to speak at a “Leadership Training Academy” I feel that I should be researching exactly what a leader is. Hoping to find the good in this experience in my life and to make something positive out of it and come out positively as a better leader and mentor myself as “my” memtor(s) and support system have let me down and it has greatly pained me.Hoping my research over the next couple of weeks will open new pathways and new windows to a greater discovery of humanity and the Mentor.So given being taught to dissect, analyze and create a new system or practice that reflects the lessons learned I will be continuing to read these two books over the next couple of weeks in hopes of gaining a direct knowledge of what being a leader and mentor truly are and how to bridge the gap between the generations.1. Should I just focus on earning a livng?2. Should I pursue my passion and find work that I love?3. Should I devote myself to a worthy cause that inspires me?”Wisdom Meets Passion”Blake Mycoskie, Founder of TOMS Shoes1. Find your story.2. Face your fears.3. Be resourceful without resources.4. Keep it simple.5. Build trust.6. Giving is good business.Proteges used the following words and phrases to describe their mentors:Consistent, stable, affirming, believed in me, accepted me where I was, saw me as a person of value, included me in their life, fun, a person of characeter, trustworthy, admiring the mentor, a naturally positive relationship shared between, knowing the mentor is not perfect – not mattering.Mentoring is a lifelong relationsip in which a mentor helps a protege reach her or his God given potential. “Mentoring.”Currently reading : Mentoring Bobb Biehl and Wisdom meets Passion When generations collide and collaborate Dan Miller/Jared Angaza



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