Mental Health Awareness MonthRonnie Johnston Mayor

View Point Health. Welcome to: “Recovery through the Arts”AgendaWelcome Client Expression Refreshments/Art Viewing Reading of Proclimation Closing Remarks Special thanks to View Point Health Clients Support Staff and Community Supporters. I was asked to read the welcoming statement this evening and did so proudly and felt so grateful and hope that it was graciouslly read and delivered genuinely. Mrs. Ijuana Landry Art : An open display of one’s emotions, thoughts, frustrations, inspirations, faith and hope. Art can evoke all of these things; not just in the observer, but in the artists as well. We are View Point Health : 27 Agencies created by the State of Georgia to provide a safety net of care for behavioral health and developmental disabilitites. The Art you see on display represents us: the clients. It’s an open announcement of our pain and struggles thruogh our artistic expressions; but most importanty through our achievements and recovery. We are not our illness; we are the beauty you see before you. Enjoy the Art. Sincerly, New Rock Day ServicesNewton Outpatitent ServicesIndependent Enterprises A Crisis has NO Schedule Georgia Cris & Access Line 1-800-715-4225Help is available 24 hours 7 days a week for problems with mental health, drugs or alcohol. Sponsored by The Georgia Departnment of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilitites. Mental Health Awareness Month May 2015 “Pathways to Wellness” Whereas, Mental health is essential to everyone’s overall health and well -being; and Wheras, All Americans experience times of difficulty and stress in their lives, and Whereas, There is a strong body of research that support user -friendly tools that all Americans can access to better handle challenges, and protect their health and well – being and Whereass, Mental health conditions are real and prevalent in our nation, and Whereas, With effective treatement, those individuals with mental health conditions can recover and lead full productive lives, and Whereas, Each business, school, government agency, faith-bases organization, health care provider, and citizen has a responsibility to promote mental wellness and support prevention efforts. Now, THEREFORE, I Ronnie Johnston, Mayor of the City of Covington, do hereby proclaim that the Month of May 2015 be declared as Mental Health Awareness Month in Newton County. We also call upon the citizens, government agencies, public and private institutions, businesses and schools in Newton County to recommit our community in increasing awareness and understanding of mental health, the steps our citizens can take to protect their mental health, and the need for appropriate and accessible serviceds for all people with mental health condiitons. This 19th day of May, 2015 Ronnie Johnston, Mayor The City of Covington We had the wonderful experience of getting to meet with the Mayor Mr. Ronnie Johnston and I was able to share a bit of my life with him. I was able to see many of my friends from calss and to mingle among them as I have not seen them in a while. Among many of my friends from New Rock I was able to congratualte many of them on recent successes that would not have been possible without the support of View Point Health. Such as in my case as working closely with View Point Health, graduating The Respect Institute, graduating The GA Peer Support Institute, taking and teaching mental healht recovery and whole health wellness along with graduating supportive employemnt and obtaining gainful employment as a Certified Nursing Assistant in my community and surrounding nearby counties serving many physically and mentally disabled persons along with the elderly. These successes have came as a result of View Point Health being a strong support system in my life which I could not imagine life without. As to why I get so emotional at times when it comes to the ladies that I am so close to and have built and carry personal, educaitonal and work relationships with. Today was a pleasurable time and we had a “Balloon Release” at the end of the program in honor of View Pont Health clients and staff. What a great release to end a wonderful afternoon of Art. Mrs. Ijuana’s poem greatly reflects my life and how I feel about my blogging and expresses a great deal of exactly how I feel. Today was the first day I have ever read her poem and was ecstatically thrilled to read the welcoming poem as it hit me very close to my heart as a faithful expression of exactly how I feel about blogging and it being so therapeutic. I thank you my continued followers and come out and join un on May 26th for the Leadership Traning Academy at Cloverbridge. New Rock Day Services for more informatin – 678-209-2575 Director Mrs. Quianna Sydnor Still in the research stages for my upcoming speech next week that I will be delivering to View Point Health regarding my successes and successes in the community that I have achieved. Not withouth the support of View Point Health though. So take me at my word when I say “family” that is how I feel towards Vie Point Health, as though they are “family.”















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