Thrive Global Radio Network from the first stages of my introduction…

How do these topics look for Wednesday’s show:

Bullying-we recently did a show on bullying and explored how one becomes a bully. Is it a self esteem issue or evidence of a deeper psychological battle? A learned behavior? Is it a behavior that parents, teachers and leaders can always curb? Let’s revisit that from your perspective, April.

For the second segment-Anyone who has someone dependent on them is technically a caregiver. But in your case, you are a CNA, Kellye has clients….how can a caregiver take care of themselves? What are ways to avoid burn out? Self care will be our focus here.

Third segment- Spirituality in life. How has it kept you together through the years? What has your faith journey been like? When it is easy to give up, how do you pull yourself back up, especially if there is little to no support around you? We will end the show with a motivating and encouraging word.


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