Thrive Global Radio Network this Wednesday evening live from Square Perk Cafe

Thinking of just how long I have known Kellye Davis Williams of Kellye Personal Fitness this morning. We were in the very same youth group growing up together at Oxford Baptist Church in Oxford Georgia for many years. I can remember as if it were yesterday she was giving birth to her oldest daughter. It surely makes me feel very old and in full realization of how time truly does fly by. Growing up at Oxford Baptist Church I had such great mentors and friends that blessed my life each week for many years. Including “little” Donald Buckelew, Jr., of the City of Covington Police Department. God rest his soul and bless his family whom I was the closest to. Each week Mrs. Bobbie Jean Buckelew and her husband Donald always made sure I had a ride to church and welcomed me with open and loving arms into their home and hearts for years taking such good and tender care of me.

During my divorce following a voluntary admission to Peachford after being seen in Northside Hospital Emergency Room for family violence and a mental melt down I went over to the church. I told my father that I just had to go and pray and spend some time with the Lord. Thankfully Kellye was at Oxford Baptist working that day and joined me in the sanctuary and held me and prayed with me and kept me together that afternoon. It was such a blessing that she just happened to be at the church that afternoon and her prayer has led my life in so many wonderful directions and with goals met. Opportunities that I never thought would come to pass. Including numerous wins in Juvenile and Superior Courts of Rockdale County and The Alcovy Judicial Circuit regarding my youngest biological daughter. Her prayer has worked wonders and miracles in my life as it has been abundantly time and time again answered. She held me together that afternoon and I have never forgotten her prayer and kindness that very sad day in my life.

My advocacy did not begin with my biological daughter. It began in 1994 with my three legally adopted step – daughters advocating and caring for them since 1994 in and outside the courtroom for over ten years all while raising 5 children including my biological son Tyler who is now 22. The adoption process was finalized and Honorable Nation ruled in my favor of adopting the girls in 1999 the year my youngest daughter was born. The requirements are strict as far as to adopting children in the State of Georgia.

Independent Adoption Report – State of Georgia

I. Verification of allegations contained in the petition

II. Circumstances under which the minor children came to be placed for adoption

III. Whether the proposed adoptive parent is financially, phsically and mentally able to have the permanent custody of the minor child

IV. The physical and mental condition of the minor children to be adopted

V. Whether or not the adoption is in the best interest of the minor children

VI. Suitability of the home to the minor children

VII. Other information – References

Four references were obtained on myself, Leslie Syles, school counselor, Julie Manders, school counselor, Mark Zielenske, family friend, Charles and Dot Sasser. All of the references support the adoption of the minor children by the petitioner, April Christina Fuller Sasser

With the adoption being finalized the year my youngest daughter was born I also began my college career that winter enrolling at Dekalb Technical College Covington Campus obtaining dual degrees in Business/ Legal Office and the Paralegal program led by Honorable Virgil Costley graduating in 2002 with The Velocity Student of The Year Award along with completing my internship with the very first District Attorney and very first Public Defender of The Alcovy Judicial Circuit Esquire Mr. John Strauss, Sr., as his very first intern he had ever agreed to work under him completing my internship and graduating in 2002. Working as a juvenile probation officer for a while with The Southwest Key program here in Georgia reporting directly to Honorable Schneider and Honorable Waters. Taking care of my group of children at school, at their place of employment and visiting them at home. After graduation I did some motivational speaking for The Georgia Department of Labor for young ladies seeking their GED or education and/or a career. I then began working as a Contract Paralegal and Leasing Office Manager and Turn Key Manager for a 3rd party apartment managing company for the Developer building the apartments from the ground up as a new lease up. I was very successful and leased apartments to the entire team and their families of The Georgia Force indoor arena league football team handling each and every contract with a personal touch and filling up the apartment community as it was brand new. With an exellent employee evaluation that year. I had been so productive and was thriving with 5 young children and a college degree and career at hand.

My entire education was spent in Newton County, Covington Georgia.

The Little Red School House for private Kindergarten



Newton High

Dekalb Technical College

American Realty Professionals

View Point Health

The GA Mental Health Consumer Network


I am very pleased to say that my entire upbringing and education has been in Newton County and here locally in Georgia. A Georgia girl born and bred with the love of a small town girl with “big” hopes and dreams. Feeling as though with the many wins in open court for not only my bilogical daughter by all my girls since 1994 to presenet date I have set the bar and precedent for children to include family violence victims, parental alienation, parental reunification and the mentally challenged.

Even though the requriements to becoming a CPS are set very high I was alienated and estranged from four girls due to being in the hospitals of Northside and a voluntary admission to Peachford for family violence, depression and Codependency as the caregiver to those with very bad habits of their own that I was caring for and nurturing often losing myself in everyone else’s problems and carrying the full burden and weight of all their bad habits and hang ups.

It tears me apart to know the requirements for becoming a Certified Peer Specialist for the State of GA yet I was alienated and estranged due to family violence from four girls.

Being :

> Candidates must have diagnosis of mental illness or a dual diagnosis of mental illness and addictive disease and must desire to identify themselves as a person with mental illness current or former consumer of mental health services.

> Applicants must hold a high school diploma or GED and may be requested to provide a copy of this document.

> Must demonstrate strong reading comprehension and written communication skills as indicated on their responses on the pre – test which is part of the application.

> Must have demonstrated experience with leadership, advocacy or governance.

> Must be well grounded in recovery

These facts are taken directly from the Certified Peer Specialist brochure.

The motto of the CPS being “Each One Reach One.”

Currently working as  a Certified Nursing Assistant with the elderly, the mentally and physically challenged. Longing to obtain my CPS Certification as well. I will be applying again this summer with high hopes of being accepted and actually working with ViewPoint Health or The GA Mental Health Consumer Network.

You can with devotion, disciple, application, self – control and self- guided recovery become successful and overcome many obstacles and hardship which only build character, integrity and responsibility. I have answered to one judge or another my entire life as I have been a very strong advocate for my girls since 1994 to present and with Honorable Ozburn reprsenting me as my private family law attorney over twenty years ago in Newton County. I will never forget his expertise and mentor in my life. He has also held the hand of my youngest daughter as Honorable and I will forever be grateful for his guidance, understanding, compassion, patience and devotion to me and my girls and my life’s history. Attending his Sunday morning lectures when I am not working with a patient for the weekend. Continuously since a very young girl trying to bear great fruits for him and make him proud. It is always a good day in my life when I see or run into Honorable Ozburn. The Alcovy Judicial Circuit could never survive or thrive without Honorable Ozburn’s expertise, wisdom, compassion, patience, empathy and sympathy and God driven leadership. An Elder at and Elder led church Eastridge in Covington Georgia where Celebrate Recovery is held each Thursday. Being accountable and responsible to judge’s since a very young age and having my life under the microscope since a young girl to present. It has been a fairy tale story though. Honorable Virgil Costley after being Juvenile judge in Newton County for many years allowed me to write the introduction article for the Paralegal Program for the Georgia Association of Paralegals. GAP. “The Paragraph.” He was so proud of me for graduating his program and being a student and I was proud to have made him see the best in me many years later.

I have in the last ten years won many court hearing to my full behalf regarding my girls and have gone on to be a graduate of New Rock here in Newton County, The Respect Institute of Georgia, The GA Peer Support Institute, The ACT Team, The Supportive Employment program and have taken and taught many self help recovery classes to my peers and side by side with them learning and growing. I just spoke at a Leadership Training Academy for View Point Health sharing my story of recovery and wellness.

I plan to make applicatin for my Certified Peer Specialist Certification over the summer and to continue with my career as a Certified Nursing Assistant as my calling has been in the health care world for a while now.

I will be speaking this week on Thrive Global Radio Network with Mary and Kellye live from Square Perk please tune in to Thrive Global Radio Network on Wednesday evening.

Thank you for being a continued reader of mine at WordPress and at The Covington News for nearly 4 years now. This November I will be celebrating 4 years worth of photography and blogging at The Covington News in attendance at many community events.

So pleased, excited and anxious over the upcoming radio broadcast. Given how long I have known Kellye and how much of a mentor and prayer partner she has been to me in my life I am hoping it will be like just having a conversation with Kellye and “girl talk” over coffee. Live from Square Perk Cafe.

Waiting to hear from Mary on what exactly the topic of the discussion will be. I gave her several topics that I am passionate about and her and Kellye are to get back to me today.

So pleased to be able to live in this moment and experience. It will be the experience of a life time that I will never forget and will talk about and share for a long time to come. Thank you all for your continued support.






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