Working closely as intern with Esquire Mr. John Strauss Sr., and Esquire Mr. Anthony Carter as my advisor

I had the honor to work with Esquire Mr. John Strauss, Sr. as his very first intern at The Newton County Public Defender’s Office where now my Introduction to Law teacher serves as Public Defender to The Alcovy Judicial Circuit Esquire Mr. Anthony Carter. I ran into Elaine a few days ago out at Mitcham Farm and she informed me that she was no longer at the office after many long years of hard dedicated service to Mr. Strauss and our community. Mr. Strauss, Sr. was the very first District Attorney and Public Defender of The Alcovy Judicial Circuit. Working with him was such a great pleasure. He treated me with kindness and a caring heart. He would teach me about the ins and outs of cases and let me have free reign over the office to read or take notes on any case I so chose to. He led me into a brand new world of being a Legal Office Assistant and Paralegal. Giving me and A on my internship I also wond the Velocity Student of The Year Award. Mr. Strauss gave me his Tequila Plant and I had it at my marital home for a while in which I was awarded it in my divorce but never got it from Mr. Sasser. I think of that Tequila Plant all the time and so wish that I still had it. Mr. Strauss became ill with cancer in 2005-2006 and ended up passing away from the wretched disease that took his life way too soon. I also worked as a juvenile probation officer reporting directly to Honorable Waters and Honorable Schneider on my kids at their homes, school, places of employment and out in the public. I love caring for my juvenile children. Mr. Strauss taught me much about record keeping and writing as well. And we shared long talks out back of the tiny office smoking and sharing information on cases and his mentor. I would not trade anything in this world for the fact that I was his very first intern and hope that Esquire Mr. Carter my introduction to law teacher is following in his bright and shiny footsteps everyday. As he was an excellent teacher I am most certain that he is. I will have to give him a call just to say hello. Happy Throwback Thursday! I love and cherish you Esquire Mr. John Strauss, Sr. and will be thankful for you all the rest of my days may you rest in peace my dear friend and mentor.

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